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Jun 9, 2003 5:13 AM
I am expanding my search for a road bike into the world of custom frames. So far these are the two names of frame builders i have discovered. RS seems to be a great bike, however, I don't think I'll touch one for the 2K price range (complete bike) i set for myself. Anyone have comments on either frame builder. Anyone turn me on to another frame builder in my price range (is there a custom frame builder in my price range).

Am I better off just buying the leMond Zurich I have been looking at. Thanks
Jun 9, 2003 5:33 AM
The wait for a Sachs frame is around two years now, and Oswalds frames can take six months or more. The same will be true of any good, respected frame-builder, particularly this time of year. I am getting a custom steel frame made and I went through all the 'research' into various frame builders. It will be difficult to get a custom and build it complete for under $2000.00 using decent componentry.

Getting a custom frame is a very worthwhile event. I would suggest that you set you budget a little higher to allow you to do that.

Another builder you should consider is Roland Della Santa, in Reno Nevada. He's been doing it for 30 years or so and his frames are very highly thought of.
Going CustomPicshooter
Jun 9, 2003 5:44 AM
It will very difficult to meet your price point of 2k if it's possible at all.
There a some lesser known names, that build great bikes, and provide a great value for your money.
I have one, built by Carl Strong.(
Another is Steelman.
You didn't say what you are riding now. It might be worth your while to save up a bit longer and get something nice.

If you are looking at a complete, non custom machine try Gary Hobbs at GVHbikes.
Landshark from gvhlampshade
Jun 9, 2003 6:57 AM
$1995 with ultegra and open pros.

from his site:
"Special orders(custom geometry & a paint scheme of your choice) for Dedacciai Zero Uno framesets and bicycles are available at no extra charge; the normal wait is 4-6 weeks."
Jun 9, 2003 7:23 AM
If you are really looking for a complete custom steel ride for $2000, I don't know of anyone other than GVH who is going to come close.

Query, do you NEED custom geometry? If not, then there are a couple of nice production options (including the Zurich) that will fit the bill AND be great bikes.

Too bad the 2003 Zurich colors are soooo, well...
Jun 9, 2003 6:57 AM
these guys will keep you in your budget