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new to road biking- take a look at my ideas for a bike!(2 posts)

new to road biking- take a look at my ideas for a bike!globalhelipimp
Jun 8, 2003 10:52 PM
i'm 19 years old, 5'8.5", 145lbs, and want to get involved in road biking. i have a trek 4900 mountain bike, but i'd like to log mileage onto a road bike as well.

i plan to purchase my bike on ebay to save an enormous amount of money, and have been looking in the $500-600 USD range on ebay.

two bikes i've somewhat researched are:

trek 1200
trek 1000
specialized allez 27

however, being a newb to cycling, i need your help!

could you suggest some bikes to me that i could research into? if possible, i'd like a bike with good components, lightweight, and will last quite sometime.

also, what size bike would i need?

re: new to road biking- take a look at my ideas for a bike!Alexx
Jun 9, 2003 4:30 AM
To start off with, the Trek 1200 is a light touring bike, not a road bike. All the other bikes you mention are fairly basic, so condition is important for determining price. None of these are likely to have terribly good components.

For $500-$600, you should be able to buy any of these entry-level bikes with little wear or usage. Still, for the price you'll pay on e-bay, you're better off buying used locally.

Which brings me to the most important thing you need to consider, namely, fit. There is no way in h3ll anybody can tell what size frame you need from the skatchy info you give here. Additionally, since each manufacturer is different, you may find that one company's 58cm frame doesn't fit you as well as another's. If you really don't know what size you need, buying a bike through e-bay would be a big mistake.

Look locally for a good used bike.