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NC Car Bike Crash Data Kinda Of Interesting........(6 posts)

NC Car Bike Crash Data Kinda Of Interesting........abicirider
Jun 8, 2003 5:14 PM
After my ride today came across this website here in NC it is it gives all I mean tons and tons of data on Car bike crashes but a couple of ones that really suprised me if they are true are listed below. don't want to be to boring and list all the stats but here goes:

(1) Car Bike FaultData Table:
From 1997-2001 they are showing a total of 5013 incidents, here is what I find hard to believe out of those 5013, the table shows the cyclist at fault 2666 times and the motorist at fault only 1153 times.
It futher shows Both the motorist and cyclist both at fault 750 times, 290 times fault couldn't be determined, 29 times niether at fault Hummm how can that be. 123 times they have unknown listed.
Wow hard to believe the cyclist are at fault almost 50 times more than the motorist.

Second table is age group of cyclist involved in crash:
The largest group at 893 was the 11-15 age group.
The next largest age group with 770 was the 30-39 age group.
then followed by 657 in the 6-10 age group where are their parents not watching the kids???
The rest is spread out up to age 70+

The last table is the age group of the car driver:
The largest group was 30-39 with 945 drivers in that group
Next was 40-49 with 854 drivers in that group
Then 20-24 with 628 drivers
I'm surprised that teenagers would be higher up in table they are the next group 0-19 with 614 drivers,

anyways dont want to be anymore boring to you all with this data just thought it was kinda interesting.

and as I always and very much mean in all my post when I say Be safe Out On The Roads!!!!! after reading these stats please be xtra carefull these next couple swummer months with all the crazy's out there!!!!!!

Ray Still
Mooresville, NC
Now here is a kicker the next largest age group with
statistics can be deceiving.DERICK
Jun 8, 2003 6:20 PM
For instance.
How many "cyclists" do you see on ratty old cruisers or mountain bikes going against traffic with no helmet. I personaly see at least 10 of them for every 1 roadbiker following the rules of traffic. I don't really consider them cyclists as they aren't doing it by choice or following any sort of common sense safety practice. Every time they get in a wreck it will be their fault because they are going the wrong way. Remove them and the numbers would swing in our favor.

As fer as the age groups go, it pretty much follows the number of drivers in those groups who are on the road. I'm sure there are far fewer teenagers on the road than any other age group. It really only spans from 16 to 19 years of age. Just not a lot of drivers in that group.
re: NC Car Bike Crash Data Kinda Of Interesting........kcd
Jun 8, 2003 7:14 PM
According to the data, cyclist are at fault a little more than 2 times more than the motorist, not 50 times as you state. 2666/1153 is less than 2.5.
Jun 8, 2003 7:42 PM
I didn't check that link, but I read somewhere what children under 14 are far more likely to be involved in bike accidents than adults. That could account for many of the cyclist "at fault" accidents.

sorry I meant 50% gosh must watch these technical errors (nm)abicirider
Jun 8, 2003 9:17 PM
Doesn't seem too suprisingMel Erickson
Jun 9, 2003 5:46 AM
Over 30% were 15 and younger. I would bet that virtually all of these accidents were the fault of the rider. Throw in a good percentage of accidents where inexperienced and careless cyclists of other ages were at fault and it's easy to get to those numbers. Experienced, knowledgeable and careful cyclists are in the minority by far. Add to that a possible bias in the law enforcement community towards automobile drivers (tend to fault the cyclist more and the driver less) and those statistics sound ok.