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Toe numbness, pedals, adn new shoes(5 posts)

Toe numbness, pedals, adn new shoesavitar
Jun 8, 2003 4:08 PM
I just ordered a new bike. My right foot big toes gets a bit numb from on rides over 15 miles. I am currently using cheap Specialized shoes (just started riding last spring) and Speedplay X2 pedals. I have moved the cleat around some with no real imporvement. when I start out last year the LBS suggested Speedplay because it was my first clipin pedal. Now that I have ordered a new bike (and I also ordered new Sidi shoes - they did not have my size in stock) I am wondering if I should go with a pedal with a larger platform. The shop where I ordered my new bike suggested the new Look pedal. I do want a pedal with some float in it.
Before you replace your pedal system, try this.....coonass
Jun 8, 2003 4:50 PM
a) Make sure that your cleat is positioned so that the ball of your foot is centered over the pedal axle.
b) Secure the foremost strap in a very loose position; and just barely snug the second strap.
c) Stop and take your shoe off, then put it back on....believe it or not, that generally helps.
(I found that I was setting these adustments too tight and essentially limiting the blood flow....the top strap can be adjusted to snug; and you can make it tighter if you're going to sprint or climb)
It's either the shoes of the cleat positionKerry
Jun 8, 2003 5:09 PM
Most likely the cheap shoes. The Speedplay cleat is fairly large, so the hot spot/numbness is not going to improve much with another pedal. The new Look pedal is full of features, but very expensive and heavy as a result. If you have stiff soled shoes and you still have the problem, then moving the cleat back on the shoe (ball of the foot in front of the pedal spindle) is the standard fix.
I fixed a toe numbness problem by lowering my saddle --bill
Jun 8, 2003 7:16 PM
I had been unconsciously pedaling with my toes pointed down. When I lowered my saddle, I pedaled more flat-footed -- problem solved.
re: Toe numbness, pedals, adn new shoesutxjohne
Jun 9, 2003 7:48 AM
I agree in trying all of the above to attempt to fix your problem. However you might have a fairly common foot problem that I do. They are called neuromas. I am not a doctor but will try to explain what the drs told me. Its where the nerve in your foot gets pushed up in between the two "knuckles" of you metatarsils. The rubbing of the bone against the nerve causes both swelling and callouses to form causing the nerve to get stuck eventually causing numbness and at times excruitiating pain. Shoes that are tight and compress the toe box together ie dress shoes and cycling shoes are the biggest cause. Orthotics and corizone shots are two ways to helped alleviate the condition so far neither has helped and I have held out on surgery to actually sever the nerve. My short term solution was to buy the shoes with the widest toe box (Carnac) and just deal with the pain.