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Charred car scars?(4 posts)

Charred car scars?PseuZQ
Jun 7, 2003 11:36 PM
Anyone else see these? As I'm sure most people do here, I like to ride on out of the way roads. Some of these roads seem to have more of their fair share of big black rectangles with automotive glass around them. They're almost always on the shoulder. I doubt that there are *that* many single vehicle indicidents where the car simply spontaneously combusts(and, hmmmm, it's never on Market Street) so I'm wondering if people just take their cars out and torch them for insurance.

(Oh, there's another road I ride -- McEwen in the East By for you SF Bay Area locals -- where you can actually see old cars crashed down in the canyon.)
re: Charred car scars?M_Currie
Jun 8, 2003 6:57 AM
As one who lives on those out-of-the-way roads in VT, I imagine that these are mostly the results of head-on collisions, which are all too frequent. Aside from passing badly, an amazing number of people who live in these rural areas routinely cut blind corners. Sometimes I think they're just lazy, but there are also a lot of just very bad drivers out there who don't know how to make a corner at speed. Anyway, hereabouts, the two most typical serious accidents are headons from bad passing, and headons from someone who, according to the newspaper account, "lost control" on a curve or "crossed the center line." Some days driving down local roads here is like some bad movie, or a dodgem car ride at the amusement park. We don't have canyons for the cars to plunge down, but we get lots of little bouquets and roadside crosses.
burning carsctisevn
Jun 8, 2003 8:30 AM
Ive had a couple encounters with cars and fire. the first, a few years ago, I was riding mt bike and came across a car on the side of an access road between areas of trail with its door open and seemingly unoccupied. the person I was riding with being a wuss, we continued on without investigating further. as we neared the end of the singletrack it became apparent something was burning behind us. I went back and found the car fully ablaze, no one in sight. we called the po-po and the fire dept came and put it out. no bodies/guns/drugs etc. just a burnt up stolen car.
the 2nd, less dramatic, just last summer I stopped in a remote county park while riding the fixie to get some water and maybe jump in the lake. I climbed a hill and was carrying my bike through some sand hills when a burned out [b]upside down[/b] car appeared in front of me. completely torched, nothing but metal and broken glass. strangely, none of the surrounding vegetation was very charred. Ive no real clue how it got there or why it was burned. it sat for 2 weeks before the sheriffs dept, I assume, finally removed it.
Some, not many around DenverRickC5
Jun 8, 2003 9:13 AM
But, there's a spot on the freeway that I pass every day on my way home where a large motor home overheated and burned up about 2 weeks ago. It left a HUGE burned spot about 30 ft across. TV coverage had a shot of the charred husk. About the rear 2/3 of the thing was completely gone. Since the engine is in front, one can only speculate what caught fire(?).

There are MANY crashed 4x4s up in the high country that just can't be retrieved, so they're left at the bottoms of canyons where they were driven off the road.