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Dean Bikes(5 posts)

Dean BikesSkooter
Jun 7, 2003 3:35 PM
I am thinking of buying a used Dean Calebra. Does anyone know much about these? Any help would be appreciated.
re: Dean Bikesjtolleson
Jun 8, 2003 11:35 AM
They've got a fine rep., comparable to some of the other smaller affordable vendors like Sampson.
Dean vs. SampsonNessism
Jun 8, 2003 8:11 PM
Dean is a frame manufactuer where as Sampson doesn't make any of the frames they sell. In fact, I think Dean makes the Sampson Z11 model (also, it looks like TST is making frames for Sampson). All nice stuff to be sure.

I owned one VERY briefly...Gregory Taylor
Jun 8, 2003 7:06 PM
...and parted with it involuntarily. I bought a Dean Culebra directly from the factory, built it up, and was hit by a car on my very first ride. That happened exactly one year ago this coming Saturday.

It's a nice bike. Well-made, and seemed to be a good value for the money. I can't tell you much more than that because I was only on it for about an hour. Dean made the Culebra in a couple of flavors, all steel, but with different tubing sets. The real light ones were made from Ultrafoco tubing, which probably wouldn't be a great choice for a heavy guy.

I replaced it with another Dean. This time I went ti -- with an El Diente CTI. I really like it.
re: Dean BikesSkidoo
Jun 9, 2003 8:42 AM
Dean no longer manufactures the steel Culebra, they only do Ti frames now. The steel frames are manufactured under the Ionic Cycles nameplate, so could a Dean Culebra could be considered 'collectible', hummm...?? As for the bikes, I've got a 57 cm Ti El Diente and love the ride & fit. The only gripe I have is with their customer service, but you're buying used, so you don't need to worry about it.