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Metric century today ... various .. a bit long(2 posts)

Metric century today ... various .. a bit longMrDan
Jun 7, 2003 11:47 AM
Ok ... today was my longest ride in probably 10 years since I just started back on the bike last July. I feel stronger but I think wiser about fueling/hydration now that I'm in my 4th decade.

I did the kings tour of the Quabin resivoir here in Mass. - convienient since it starts about 10 miles from my house. The good, the bad, the ugly.... dropped water bottle twice while attempting to put it back in the cage... speedplays got gunked up and would not release once with resulting clown fall - also had problems clipping back in after that..., chain dropped once.

Ok, now the questions! I like the speedplays, but frankly I don't like any equipment that doesn't work flawlessly (my body excepted!) I like the float, but frankly I don't think I need that much. Should I stick it out with them or switch over to looks w/ the adjustable float (buddy in CA swears by them - or other suggestions? I LOVE the Sidi T1 shoes though.)

I use the 1 liter Zefal bottles - are there "deep" cages to hold these better?

Nutrition, I've just started using gels, and I do like them, but they're only 100 cal a piece. I also ate a bagel at the single rest stop... What is the maximum cal/hr that your body can replace given that your eating enough without bogging down? I burned 3000 cal during the ride which equtes to somewhere in the mid 700 cal/hr. range. The GU gel packs say use one every 45 minutes.... not exactly enough to keep up with the burn rate. I definately had to coast a bit on the last several miles, but was pretty stong thruout, and the poor people on the century and double metric are in quite a downpour now. (The damn weather has been horrendous here in MA. - mostly drizzle light rain thruout) So, what's the most cal/hr your can realisticaly replace?

re: Metric century today ... various .. a bit longandy02
Jun 7, 2003 2:16 PM
I think I can help.... when I raced tri I had the same shoe pedall combo. I hate to say it but goto the zero pedal. I made the switch and it has been the best thing I have ever added to my bike! The zero DON"T get stuck! The X pedals use to clog in dirt all of the time! Big problems in dirt trasition areas.

as for your bottle dropping...don't let go until it in the cage! Just kidding I like the cossi(sp?) stainless steel cages the seem to be easy to get in and out of

nutrition wise I have a fast metabolism on a 60-70 mile ride I will eat 2 Gu packs and two bottles of accelerade. If the speed is above an avg of 20mph I will eat more.

hope this helps