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long islanders upset with all of the rain?!(6 posts)

long islanders upset with all of the rain?!rrjc5488
Jun 7, 2003 11:12 AM
Anyone from long island on here? Have they ridden anytime lately? it seems to have been raining for the past two weeks with a two or three days of nice weather. AHHHHHHHHHH! the rain has to go!
re: long islanders upset with all of the rain?!skvarken
Jun 7, 2003 1:04 PM
Im in Boston, Its just as bad here... yesterday, the forcast was for sun today. Was looking forward to a long ride. Surprise. Rain again.

This is the longest stretch of wet weather i can remember.
I feel your rain...I mean painbicycle268
Jun 7, 2003 1:52 PM
Right down the street in Morris County, NJ. Horrible spring!! At least we won't have to hear the constant drought warnings on TV.
What about the horses?mickey-mac
Jun 7, 2003 2:57 PM
Things certainly looked messy for the Belmont. It would have been nice to see a Triple Crown winner. Oh, well. I hope the cycling weather improves soon.
raining in NC toobianchi boy
Jun 7, 2003 7:43 PM
We've had rain on at least one day almost every weekend this spring, sometimes both days. It really sucks. Even when it doesn't rain all day, it starts out wet so all the group rides are cancelled. Lots of solo rides for me this year. Somehow I've managed to keep my mileage up -- mainly by doing more long rides on clear days to make up for all the days lost to rain.
Rode between the raindropsAFred
Jun 8, 2003 5:59 PM
Took out the beater and did 2 hour loops around Oyster Bay on the north shore and Massapequa on the south. I just got fed up, stuffed a rain cape in the jersey and went. Actually, I only got soaked yesterday morning on my way back. Today was dry. I'm sure we'll have glorious sunshine tomorrow while I'm driving my desk.