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A crappy ride is better than not being able to ride...(3 posts)

A crappy ride is better than not being able to ride...eschelon
Jun 6, 2003 10:26 AM
this really is true. But my idea of a crappy ride is getting a flat tire like yesterday. Yesterday was my tempo day since I haven't gotten in any fast group world championships this week.

Man, I was really ticked off...then after fixing my tire, my cleats on my left foot was loose...I figured screw it, finish the ride...but it kept on snapping back and forth and suffering while having something annoy you can really test your I fixed with while screaming all kinds of french profanities. After fixing that, I was still mad...but its funny how when you are suffering on your bike, you forget all of that other outside know, stuff like work, and other daily life all went away and didn't matter anymore because I was truely in that magical state of mind that Bhuddist monks describe the enlightened state as be so focused and centered in person and spirit where tomorrow or yesterday does not matter and all of your attention is focused on the present.

I think this is why I ride my's my way of meditating to get into that state where I am centered on the present and myself...a state where I am no longer a son, a brother, just another employee, or just another person on this planet...I am just me with no label, description, or anything else...just me.
I've been ridding on a rim latelystinkfoot247
Jun 7, 2003 2:12 AM
My bike has no front tire. I put about 50 some miles on it this past week. I totally agree with you about "I am just me with no label" 120% Try ridding at 4 in the morning in the rain and fog on a rim, and you will find yourself focusing on very odd things... seriously. I expected it to be hell but it was one of the most self-thought enhancing/feeling good about life experiences I have ever had. Have fun
are you serious no front tire.....abicirider
Jun 7, 2003 9:15 AM
if you are serious email me at lets see what we can do I have some extra tires I can part with if you paying shipping.
Be Safe Out On The roads!!!!!!!!
Ray Still
Mooresville, NC