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Another "is it worth it" question..... please advise on LOOK(9 posts)

Another "is it worth it" question..... please advise on LOOKfunknuggets
Jun 6, 2003 5:34 AM
A Local insurance liquidator/reseller sells unclaimed freight or items closed in insurance claims. I have seen bikes there from time to time, so I continually look. I have found a few nice items. Found a particularly nice item yesterday.

Slightly used 2002 CSC version LOOK 381i with Kysrium SLs, Easton 90 stem and bars, Dura Ace gruppo, Flite SLR and Look pedals. Now... has slight superficial damage...minor stuff... to a few of the decals and could use a nice cleaning, but not unexpected for a bike that has been ridden. Now... the price... $1999. Is it worth it.

Thanks in advance.

I think so...merckx56
Jun 6, 2003 5:42 AM
but you should check to see (if they let you) if the frameset has problems. If it's straight, buy it, peel off the decals and giggle all the way home!
re: Another "is it worth it" question..... please advise on LOOKtoronto-rider
Jun 6, 2003 5:44 AM
If there is no major damage to the frame, I say go for it. Will they let you take the bike to a LBS to be checket out before you buy?
Great bike at a great price.
I looked it over pretty good....funknuggets
Jun 6, 2003 5:58 AM
frame looks straight... from what I could see. Wheels straight, looked in all the typical places and saw no dimples, cracking, crushing, or thinning. No impact-type dings or crushing around the headtube. Examined around the bottom bracket... nothing structural-wise that worried me in the least. Not sure what a bike shop is going to tell me. Never had a carbon bike before, but wouldn't there typically be telltale signs of major or significant frame damage???

I looked it over pretty good....KG 361
Jun 6, 2003 6:09 AM
If you don't see any cracks or DEEP sratches, go for it. Look carbon frames are very well made and last a long time. You won't regret it.
By the way everyone... they have team jerseys and bibs.funknuggets
Jun 6, 2003 6:48 AM
They also have a few Fakta, Lotto, Credit Agricole, and Kelme team kits, Jersey/bibs... maybe even a bib or two for Gerolsteiner (or something like that)... Nalini jerseys full zipper 3 pocket for $19.99 and the Nalini bibs for $39.99. Let me know if you want me to grab you one. Most of sizes around 44 and up.

Jun 6, 2003 7:48 AM

Send me an e-mail, I have a question for you.

Where are you located...Fender
Jun 6, 2003 8:05 AM
and how and I find out if there are places like that where I live?

BTW - jump on the frame and put it on ebay for $2500
Where are you located...funknuggets
Jun 6, 2003 10:02 AM
In the Kansas City Area... near big cities, there should be businesses that buy damaged freight or local trucking companies... might be included in insurance claims or unclaimed freight... I would imagine there is a business in all the big cities for things like this.