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Standard for Bicycle VIN numbers releasing in July(2 posts)

Standard for Bicycle VIN numbers releasing in Julyabicirider
Jun 5, 2003 5:58 PM
Hummm never thought about this in the new Bicycle Retailer and industry news I recieved in the mail today seems like stolen bikes are going to be easier to return to owner if recovered, the following is the published article:

ASTM TO Release Standard For VIN Numbers In July
West Conshohoken, PA- The ASTM subcommittee on Bicycles developed a system of standard vehicle identity numbers (VIN) for bicycles that will be released in July.
Bicycles with the new VIN numbers will be easier to track if stolen."said Patrick Logan, ASTM's task group chairman and Burley Design's product development manager.
"The serial number provides a means for Law Enforcement to return bikes to owners, lost or stolen and a means for the consumer to locate information from web-based sources, "Logan said.
"An owner could ideally locate the saftey maintenance information and product recall for their particular bike on the web, as well as locate accessoriesc that will fit that product. The serial nuber is a benefit to all parties-government, industry and consumers,"he added.
The size of the number, method of application and location on the bike frame were the biggest hurdles for the committee. One result of the standard is a fixed number format and location that provides some degree of flexibility to manufactures. At some point the committee expects the standard will be adopted into law, Logan said.

The above Taken from june issue Bicycle Retalier and industry news page29

Seems like a good ideal but the article seems rather vague at least in my opinion overall hope it is not another envasion of privacy I'm sure that Vin number if standard will have your name address, phone # all attached to records kinda like a huge mailing list but thats just my opinion.

Just wanted to pass this alon not real vital.
Be Safe Out On The Roads!!!!!!
Ray Still
Mooresville, NC
Hasn't worked for vehicles.........but what the heck..nmTower
Jun 5, 2003 7:07 PM