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Riding In North Carolina(11 posts)

Riding In North Carolinacipolini2b
Jun 5, 2003 9:27 AM

Lotta North Carolinians on the board. I was going to make this a reply to the post below, but it's off topic. I am from Los Angeles. Lived here all my life. Recently, I was offered a chance to go race for the Lees Mcrae College cycling team in Banner Elk, N.C (about 25 miles north of Asheville). What should I expect? The coach and other riders have nothing but good things to say, but why would they say anything negative if they want me to ride for them? In L.A, road rage is common on about every other ride. I can hold my own against most anybody, and know the roads well enough to flee if I need to. Like other board members said, it happens everywhere, and I'm really not worried about it. What is the riding scene like there? Racing? The climbing (elevation, length). Any of you ever been to banner elk? ANY feedback would be appreciated.

Jun 5, 2003 9:37 AM
That part of north carolina is pretty quiet. Be a little careful not to p*ss off to many motorist ( a lot of them cary guns!.. ah LA, maybe you are use to that). You can find lots of low trafic areas to ride and almost any kind of climb you want. It is a drive from NC but try mountains of misery.
Boone Banner elk right side by sideabicirider
Jun 5, 2003 9:43 AM
You can plan on a hilly race Banner Elk elevation is actually little higher than boone, since it is a race roads should be controlled, since it was such a bad winter roads are not in real good shape lots of pot holes.
As far asweather up in that area normally 10-20 degrees colder than in say Charlotte also humidty is not as bad, but it can still get pretty warm, wind is another factor not uncommon for 20-30mph especially if a high weather fron is pushing through.
In summer the whole Boone, Banner Elk area is pretty crowded especially on the weekends it is the get away spots.
Elevation you are close to 6000 ft.
You can go the the Blood, sweat, gears century website they have an elevation change table that will give you a better ideal on elevation gains changes.
I was born and raised lived 30 years in Orange County (Costa Mesa) NC is a big big big difference.
The Blood, sweat gears website is:
Hope this helps;
Be Safe Out On The Roads!!!!!!
Ray Still
Mooresville, NC
re: Riding In North Carolinabrad nicholson
Jun 5, 2003 9:46 AM
i'm currently in oklahoma as an army officer but grew up in north carolina. the riding is awesome. you have no more problems on the road there than anywhere else. lees-mcrae is a small liberal arts college in the mountains, banner elk is right in the heart of the nc ski areas too and near appalachian state university. the riding is incredible, mountain, road, cross, touring all is availabe. the blue ridge parkway runs near by and you can ride numbers of loops based off of it. also l-m does a good job in cycling. check out the southeastern collegiate cycling conference results. lees mcrae placed inthe nationals for div ii/iii. any thing else?
i've been there....a lot._rt_
Jun 5, 2003 9:49 AM
in fact, i know the guys who recruited you really well. banner elk is beautiful & the riding is stellar. compared to LA you're going to be in the boonies. BE is close to exactly nothing and spitting distance from nowhere. but as far as training & riding, you couldn't ask for more. if you ride mtb, you're right in the midst of some of the best riding the east coast has to offer. likewise, for road you can ride out your door and ride the roads that got Lance Armstrong back into cycling. you'll get long steeps & long descents.

btw, i don't live in BE, nor did i attend LMC. i just spent a lot of time there for about 8 months.

you can e-me if you want more info:


In my book..TNSquared
Jun 5, 2003 10:02 AM
the opportunity to participate on a racing team - just about anywhere- is better than not being on a team - just about anywhere.

Of course, you may have other offers or bigger considerations outside of cycling than riding for a college team. If not, I'd have a hard time passing it up, personally, even if I had to leave beautiful CA to do it.

My parents live in that general area, and I've skied around Boone mountain a few times. It is a very pretty area.

Good Luck whatever you do.
one of my favorite areasmadstork
Jun 5, 2003 10:03 AM
I'm not in the racing scene, but I go to the Boone and Asheville areas for centuries and fun rides with my club from the Piedmont. Mountains (remember, Appalachian, not Rockies), steep quick hills, rollers, and river valley roads make for a great mix. Mt. Mitchell is tallest peak east of Mississippi at 6,684 ft. Beech Mt., scene of Lance's great moments in the Tour Dupont, is in Banner Elk's back yard.

Check this site for racing and recreational cycling events in NC:

Best of luck to you!
Banner Elkcipolini2b
Jun 5, 2003 10:13 AM
Yea, 90% of my peers have said that an opportunity like this should not be passed up. The other 10% just think its crazy to leave L.A for some lifeless town in the boonies. The city of banner elk is still a mystery to me. I have no idea what to expect. It lists 2,000 residents. I have more living on my block! I love los angeles, but a temporary change of scenery can do loads of good. Too many distractions here. Over there my only focus will be on studying, riding, and racing. Wow. The altitude is also a major plus. I 90% i'm going through with it. Its either LMC or UC Riverside. Costs are about teh same, the choice is clear. I move in late august, maybe I'll see some of you around. Thanks for the insight!

**As far as recruiters go, yea, they're really informative, although i've only spoken to Sean. And yea, they were here in San Francisco for nationals and did well for such a small school. I couldn't make it because I was racing in Santa Barbara. Should be a much better result next year. :]
there is no city of Banner Elk_rt_
Jun 5, 2003 10:30 AM
the town is really just a 'wide place in the road'. there's 1 hotel, 2 or 3 gas stations, a grocery store, the college, a couple of resturants, 2 ski hills, and a whole bunch of trees. if this tells you anything, the closest walmart is in Boone which is about a 20 minute drive away.

sean is a really good guy and it's a beautiful area, if you haven't visited, i'd really recommend doing so.

First stop in Boone when you get to NC Sticky Boy Bread company the best.......abicirider
Jun 5, 2003 3:25 PM
Home made loafs of date Walnut Bread apricot loaf bread french bread if you like bread gotta go there Sticky Boy Bread Company is right across from ASU on the HWY 321
Best of luck to you
Be safe out on the roads!!!!!!!
If I can be of any help dont hesitate to email me
I live in mooresville about 2hrs East South east of Boone
Ray Still
Mooresville, NC
re: Riding In North Carolinaridgerider
Jun 7, 2003 3:34 AM
Check out the Road Cycling the Blue Ridge High Country website at for advice, photos and loads of links.

Here's one more thought...that killer climb you're grinding away on near Banner Elk may be a part of USA cycling history. The area was the site for Lance Armstrong's 1998 "comeback from cancer" training camp. It was also visited by the some of the world's best road cyclists during the Tours DuPont in the '90s.