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BowWow/Glacier ride/winter still in control(5 posts)

BowWow/Glacier ride/winter still in controlnealrab
Jun 4, 2003 9:01 PM
Hey BW,
It's the quality of the hits that count, not the quantity! I loved your account of the ride to Logan Pass, you are one more hero I can look up to. I'm planning to attack the west side in a week or two. I live in the Kalispell area and have been getting ready for June rides up there, but if I have to walk my bike up to the Pass I'll be bummed. I always have the ride down to look forward to. Still getting boulders dropping down onto the road lately tho'--mighty unpleasant thought. Still some high snows, warmimg might also cause some slides/avalanches, but I can ride those down to the McDonald valley. Looked like some nasty weather when you guys climbed up from the east. I'm kinda surprised they had the Big Drift cleared away so fast. But a moist ride is fun, as you say. Maybe see you up there some time, I'll be the guy with the bike slung over his shoulder hiking up the road.
BTW did you use a double or triple? And what's your ride?
re: BowWow/Glacier ride/winter still in controlKoolaideprived
Jun 4, 2003 9:11 PM
Hey, if you happen to see an 18 year old kid riding up, probably being passed while riding an Allez with a blue Trek helmet, give him a wave, it's me :)
Koolaid in the mtnsnealrab
Jun 5, 2003 9:30 PM
I'll be looking out for ya Koolaid, but truth is, you'll probably be wiping me out on the first tilt upward. Dropped by the peloton and shot out the back like a missle.
I'll be the speck in your rear view mirror. LOL
In answer to your questions,BowWow
Jun 4, 2003 10:25 PM
Thanks for the kudos! I had a great time, but Bart especially was bummed by the weather. It was great to the hairpin (Seyah Creek), then got quite cold and windy. I was quite wet when I hit the top. Then descending we suddenly rode out of the rain just above that sun-something viewpoint, but it was still colder than the upward ride.

The ride through the Big Drift was very cool (pun intended)! The snow was easily 30 feet deep, and the cut was barely wide enough for two cars to scrape by each other. I thought about stopping for a quick photo, but it was raining pretty hard and I knew my partners were waiting.

There was a guy clearing a small rockfall about halfway between Seyah Creek and the pass. It was looking pretty unstable in the area, and with the rain (which undoubtedly turned to snow higher up and later on) I'm sure there'll be more avalanches and rockfalls.

From what I understand the west side is steeper. I was grannying it (39 x 28) at the perfect pace for me. I was worried, 'cause last fall we rode the pass and I had a triple and ended up in granny for most of the ride. This time I had a double crank with a wider ratio cassette (14 - 28) that I stole off one of the kids bikes. I tested it and found I could hold 12 kmh at 75 rpm, so I took a chance, and it worked well for me. I actually could have held that pace on that slope for another hour. I had lots of jam left. The other guys, though, climbed at 15 kph. THEY are the heros in this story!

The bike is an old steel Centurion that I "inherited" from a lady that didn't want it any more. I stripped the steel wheels and safety brakes off it and put an old Shimano Selecta crank/BB on in place of the 160 mm junk that was on it. My wheelset is a junkyard compilation - 27" rear alloy and 700c front (also alloy). Quite heavy, but lighter than the steel that was there to start with! I just added aero levers yesterday - very clean looking now! I will add cork tape as soon as I can find some. I recycled the cloth tape for now. I also have an Alivio RD "borrowed" from a MTB. I'll toss in a photo that I took a month or so ago. I'm going to strip the paint and try gun blueing for the finish - it'll save me 20 grams! I think it'll look pretty cool, and should be very low maintenance. I'll post pix as I go.

Y'all watch out for an old silver-haired dude struggling up the pass - that'll be me! Oh, and I'll be lagging seriously behind a couple of younger-looking guys. Ya can't miss me! Maybe we'll see ya at the next full moon! Definitely going to do that one!

BowWow//Bike looks great:comfy ride?nealrab
Jun 5, 2003 9:26 PM
Hey Steve,
Fab job on that bike. I had a Ciocc like that, fine, solid wheels just a bit heavy in the current age of aluminum/ti/carbon. But I loved the ride it gave for a 15-18 year old bike. Riding a Giant now and switching off with a C'dale double. I'll try heading up sometime in June with the Giant triple first. Then we'll see who's really a cyclist and who's the kid with the glorified tricycle. Account was great, real early in the season for that ride, but it's great you guys pulled it off. Very impressive I must say! Must've been watching Simoni for inspiration. That's who I'll be thinking about on my foray up the hill. Too scary on that moonlight ride -- people always get hurt doing that, road is very tricky and, of course, one false move and . . . But it is tempting.
Maybe I'll see you up there sometime. Have a great summer!