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Specialized SpeedZone Pro - Inclinometer Check(3 posts)

Specialized SpeedZone Pro - Inclinometer CheckGeoCyclist
Jun 4, 2003 2:33 PM
Doug, I finally got in a mountain ride with my Sky Mounti Inclinometer mounted next to my SpeedZone Pro. To sum up this exercise in just a few words; The Sky Mounti is just about useless while cycling! This should have been obvious; however, I sure missed it. The bike has to be perfectly still to get a good reading with a glass level; i.e. Sky Mounti. Any bump in the road or surge in your pedal cadence sends that little bubble all over the scale. The Sky Mounti is great if you want to stop to get a acurate reading. Also, you have to have really good eyes to read the scale while cycling. Just on safety factor alone I wouldn't recommend the Sky Mounti. I will say this, I paid really close attention to my SpeedZone Pro Inclinometer readings during yesterdays ride, and I didn't see any erratic jumps between values. It takes longer for the SpeedZond to measure the change of Incline then the Sky Mounti; however, I don't find this surprising due to the method of calculating the incline. I've moved the Sky Mounti to the back bar on my tandem, this will give my stoker something else to play with! That's my two cents worth!

Ride On!
Jun 4, 2003 3:31 PM
Sounds reasonable. My erratic jumps in the SpeedZone were at fairly low speeds, remember.

Maybe the glass/fluid inclinometer would work better with a more viscous fluid in it?

more viscous wouldnt workwilsonc
Jun 4, 2003 4:23 PM
a more viscous fluid wouldnt work since the surface tension around the air bubble of the fluid on the glass woudlnt allow the bubble to flow freely leading to incorrect readings. it seems to me that you would want a fluid with as little viscosity as possible for the most accurate reading... then of course, the bubble jumps all around on a bump.

btw, I have the SpeedZone pro, and it seems to do a pretty good job at % grade reading when verified against city road database information... atleast in Pittsburgh, PA where there are some steep steep hills... check them out