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Rider, not the ride(11 posts)

Rider, not the ridefiltersweep
Jun 4, 2003 9:19 AM
Yesterday I showed up for a club ride, subtly billed as a hill ride. Basically it goes up and down a bunch of Mississippi river bluffs. At the start, a guy shows up on a Bridgestone mtn bike... well sort of. It had flat bars, fenders, MUD FLAPS, racks everywhere, including a backpack hanging off the side that was full of something.... knobby tires. In short, it was a tank.

I'd never seen this guy before. Most of the rest of us had weight-weenie bikes. Somehow, this monster kept up with the A group during the entire ride- the weight was one thing, but the upright position and the mudflaps would be like riding with a parachute.

During the ride, he said he didn't want to stop home to pick up his road bike, so he took his commuter. After the ride, apparently some of the others knew him, and they characterized the bike as "the equalizer." Frankly, I don't think any of us would have seen him if he had his road bike.

Bottom line- I was much more impressed with this, than the guy who shows up on the Foundriest or other high zoot ride. It was bad enough it almost made me want to take up golf.
Makes you wonder how many miles a year he puts on that bike nmabicirider
Jun 4, 2003 9:29 AM
re: Rider, not the rideRay Sachs
Jun 4, 2003 10:18 AM
"It was bad enough it almost made me want to take up golf."

That wouldn't help - you'd just get in a foursome with some old geezer using wooden clubs shooting below par :)

They're out there in EVERY sport.

re: Rider, not the ridenoveread
Jun 4, 2003 10:29 AM
Yeah, there are a couple of guys on our group rides that I'd like to relegate to riding 3-speed cruisers with flat tires! Although one of them, on the "slow" night will show up with his son in the Burley...

i've been dropped countless times byJS Haiku Shop
Jun 4, 2003 10:32 AM
guys with kickstands, 30 year-old bikes, rusty chains, you name it.

occasionally you'll have a wolf in fred's clothing frequent the "big guns" ride in memphis--one pulled up alongside last year's D/A cervelo and $5k colnago on an old gatorade-encrusted dave scott ironman with chewed off bartape, first-generation look pedals, dry-rotted tires, spoke protector, dt shifters, rusty cables, wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, dingy tube socks, greg lemond-era helmet, flourescent shorts and tri shoes from the late 80s. then he dropped the cat 2/3 pack.


ya just never know.
Think perhaps mabey he was on the prowel? nmKristin
Jun 4, 2003 11:11 AM
He's prolly some Cat 1/2/pro who picked an old beater out of the trash on "dump day" and decided to have some fun.
Where did this ride start?bnlkid
Jun 4, 2003 11:40 AM
You must have gone out of the city a little bit to find the hills. Woodbury? I don't know where any other hills that I would consider a problem within the city other than by the U of M heading south. Is this ride open to anyone? I might be interested in riding. I ride with a group on Wednesday nights that heads out to Woodbury or into Eagan on a regular basis. Let me know if you are interested. The ride starts out of Boehm's in St. Paul at 5:30. It's no drop and usually draws 10-15 conditioned riders.
Where did this ride start?filtersweep
Jun 4, 2003 12:23 PM
It was a TCBC ride starting by St. Thomas in St. Paul- "Gears, Fears, and Tears" It isn't exactly no drop. It usually fragments into a bunch of smaller groups with the hills and lights. It runs down E. River Rd. to Cleveland, up to Davern, through the Highland area, up the high bridge, down to Delaware, loops around to go UP highway 13, through the west side, then up Ohio to the high bridge, down the high bridge, then up Ramsey Hill, and back by Summit.

You might be interested in joining TCBC- it costs next to nothing, and they always have several rides scheduled per night. I met up with a crew during the Lakeville Ironman that invited me, and I've been very satisfied with the rides, the riders, etc... they are a mature crowd (whether by age or attitude). If you don't join, they ask for $2.00/ride (for some reason). I like them because they always have something in biking distance from home. Last night it was about 10 miles each way to and from the start, and 30+ miles through the hills for a 50+ total. you should check them out.
email me for more infofiltersweep
Jun 4, 2003 3:38 PM
re: Rider, not the ridealiensporebomb
Jun 4, 2003 12:58 PM
The one who blew me away was this commuter-woman
with a green backpack and white helmet on a grey
specialized crossroads comfort bike with slicks
on the southern leg of the southwest LRT trail
out of Hopkins MN to Minneapolis who was maintaining
a steady 32-33+ mph pace for over eight miles while
I was trying in vain to catch up and overtake her.

I could stay with her but catching up was killer.

I was pedaling 15-16 mph and this BLUR went flying by me
and I realized what it was and after about 30 seconds
decided to try and keep pace if not follow.

I kept increasing my speed and she kept gaining on me until
I pulled out all the stops - big ring as fast as I could go.

I finally had to sprint at 34-35+ mph to get within 1/8th
of a mile of her, then she pulled off and slowed her pace into a residential area.

What a woman - she was a monster. I was on my lightweight
race bike and pretty much winded after that and she just
kept on going like it was no big deal.

I can only imagine what she must be like on a road racer -
we're talking world cup pace for sure.
re: Rider, not the rideJon Billheimer
Jun 4, 2003 1:28 PM
One of our Edm. Masters guys tells the story of a guy at the World Seniors road race in Utah a couple of years ago. He shows up on a beater bike with a wire cargo basket on the handlebars and, get this, he's pedalling barefoot on platform pedals. Reportedly, he hung with the main pack until they hit the first big climb!! Life is definitely not fair:)-