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Park Truing Stand(5 posts)

Park Truing StandMPH74
Jun 4, 2003 6:07 AM
I've just bought a Park Truing Stand (TS-2) and have a few questions. First of all when I put a wheel in one way, the rim is perfectly centered between the calipers... then when i flip it around (on the rear wheel, this would mean putting the cassette on the other arm of the stand), the wheel is no longer centered (i.e., the rim is closer to one caliper). This isn't just happening with one wheel, but the exact same thing happens with the 5 wheels i tried (even tried it with my brand new kyriums which are perfectly trued). So I'm led to believe that the problem lies in the truing stand. I would imagine that flipping the wheel around shouldn't make a difference??? I've already adjusted the arms of the stand so that the wheel is centered between them... and have already adjusted the calipers... is the wheel only supposed to be place in the stand a certain way (e.g., cassette always to the same side)??? Thanks.
Jun 4, 2003 6:26 AM

I had to do this, too.

Happens all of the time.Spoke Wrench
Jun 4, 2003 7:52 AM
As Doug indicated, Park does publish a set of directions to correct the problem. I think you'll find frequent recalibrations are necessary to keep that feature functional. That's one reason why I'm particular who I let use my trueing stand.
It's frustratingChen2
Jun 4, 2003 9:52 AM
I like to true my wheels and center the rim to a fraction of a mm. I reverse the wheel in my TS-2 stand several times to confirm that the rim is centered, and I think this is more accurate than using a dishing tool. I think the problem with the stand is the angle of the arms that hold the wheel. As you go from one wheel to another, any variation in the axle lock washers or spacers will cause the wheel to not center the same as the previous wheel. If you reverse a given wheel in the stand several times while adjusting the caliper pivot nuts you can confirm that the rim is accurately centered. But this is time consuming and when you go to another wheel you can start all over. And I'm talking about 1 mm here or a fraction there, most people are'nt going to be that particular. When I look a a picture of the Park TS-3 stand it appears that the arms stay vertical as the span is adjusted. If so, it should stay centered better. Does anyone here own a TS-3?
My cheaper stand doesn't do that.jw25
Jun 4, 2003 1:44 PM
While I lust after a TS-2, my Minoura Workman dishes wheels just fine by flipping them a few times. Yes, it's time consuming, but I build wheels for relaxation, so a few minutes more is no problem.
If I worked in a shop, though, I'd definitely have something nice, maybe this: