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Sidi Energy and Speedplay(6 posts)

Sidi Energy and Speedplayjose_Tex_mex
Jun 4, 2003 4:16 AM
Hi All,
I just received my new Energy's in the mail and plan to use them with my X-Speedplays. I ordered the speedplay adaptor kit. However, there were no directions at all in the box nor markings to indicate which plate was which.
I checked for info and they say to check I checked speedplay and could not find any diagrams of the setup.

I am pretty sure I have it correct. However, does anyone have an URL that might help? Is the speedplay adaptor plate the same as the Time plate? Are there shims involved?
which speedplayandy02
Jun 4, 2003 6:32 AM
If you have the speedplay zero you don't need a plate at all they will bolt to shoe! If not you use the look ones that normally come with sidi shoes.
which speedplaylyletenp
Jun 4, 2003 9:42 AM
Do you mean the zero cleats can (safely) be mounted to the bottom of Sidi's without the use of ANY adaptor plate? I have Genius 4's and I don't see how that is possible without the adaptor plate.
which speedplayandy02
Jun 4, 2003 10:42 AM
the zero pedals come with instructions on how to mount them to sidi with no adpter at all see their webpage
re: Sidi Energy and Speedplaygav
Jun 4, 2003 9:24 AM
I use Energy's with my X-1's and all that I need are the LOOK plates that came with the shoes, the big plate that came with the cleats and the cleat itself.. No shims, just two plates and the cleat..
re: Sidi Energy and SpeedplayIan
Jun 4, 2003 10:40 AM
At least for the "X" models (although I am pretty sure the zero's work the same) you use the plate that comes with the Speedplay's and the Speedplay cleat.

The Speedplay adaptor has a few shims on it. Pop those off and put on the Sidi ones. They should be marked for Sidi shoes. Bolt that to the shoe. Then bolt the cleat to that. You do not use the adaptor (Look) that comes with the Sidi shoes.

All of that should be in the Speedplay box along with directions. Did you buy them used or something?