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Ship or Schlep?(2 posts)

Ship or Schlep?pitt83
Jun 3, 2003 7:38 AM
I'm going to a week long conference in July. I'll be biking the 150 miles to get there.

Would you:

1.) UPS your stuff to / from the hotel and travel light?
2.) Rent a tourer with panniers and carry it?

The 150 miles is about upper limit for mileage for me. If I carry, I'd probably break into 2 days.

Cost isn't an issue as this is a business trip. I'll charge $0.37 / mile consequently as an expense (I could if I drive; why not)
Depends on how much stuff you're planning on taking.Matno
Jun 3, 2003 9:31 AM
For a week long conference, depending on what you'll be wearing, I'd guess you'd be better off just shipping some clothes. On the other hand, since you might do the ride in one day, you wouldn't have to take any of the normal touring gear (sleeping bag, etc), so you could probably fit everything in. I'm doing a 4 day/500 miler next week, and all my gear, including tent, sleeping bag, clothes, cooking gear, etc fits in my two medium sized panniers. I'm not even sure I'll need to mount anything on top of the rack! If you want to do something like this more than once, it would be worth it to just invest in a rack and panniers. You can get them cheap on eBay. Here's an example:

Rack: (my brother bought one of these and said it's very solid. You can't beat the price, and no need to worry about it fitting the frame since it only attaches to the seatpost).

Panniers: (same brother bought these and says they're great. Nashbar had them on sale for $29 a while ago, but ebay may be your best bet now).

Total cost: approx $50, which can't be much more than it would cost to UPS your stuff. Plus, you can do it again whenever you want for free...