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First Crash of Season(3 posts)

First Crash of Seasonr-kelley
Jun 2, 2003 7:32 AM
Decided it was time to stop letting mother nature ruin my weekends by raining so I went for a ride anyway. An hour into the ride took a corner just a little faster then I should have and the bike came out from under me. First time I've been glad the 5500 was sent back to the factory as I was riding a beater bike a friend let me borrow. It is a pretty old 12 speed Schwinn Tourister. Thing is built like a tank and the only damage I caused was some torn bar tape. Spilled a little blood myself but was good enough to finish my 50. Learned my lesson though and slowed down to the point of creaping around corners for the rest of the ride. I did see one of the pro teams drive by in their nice and warm team vehicles as they arrive here for the race tomorrow. I think from now on though I'll keep to crashing my mountain bike. It hurts a lot less.
re: First Crash of SeasonSprint-Nick
Jun 3, 2003 1:43 AM
Hope you feel better soon! Crashing on the road definitely isn't fun. Remember that the tires on your friends old bike may have been a lot slipperier than on your bike so thats what might have caused it. So don't let it hamper your rain riding by slowing you down too much.

Thanks man. nmr-kelley
Jun 3, 2003 5:49 AM