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STEEL, ALUM or Ti??????(6 posts)

STEEL, ALUM or Ti??????fredstaple
Jun 2, 2003 7:02 AM
I ride a 1982 Reynolds 531 Trek, time for a new bike. Any help on going steel, alum or Ti (Ti is really out of my price range). My dealor thinks I'll like a steel Lemond better than a alum Trek, Cannondale or Specialized. I am not going to race, ride for fun about 60 to 70 miles a week, I am 6' 200 lbs. The absolute most I can spend is 2K and that is really pushing it. Anyone out there got suggestions, I live in Japan and can't really road test anything. thanks and cheers
For you...stick with steel...biknben
Jun 2, 2003 7:18 AM
You're riding a twenty year old steel bike now. I'd stay with steel and ride for another 20. Aluminum frames are getting really cheap but you get what you pay for. The low end Al frames are cheaply made using methods and designs that are outdated, IMO. You end up with a heavy, crappy riding, harsh frame. If you go with a beter made frame you get cheaper, house brand, components. C'dale has a good Al in your price range but you may find a lot of Coda components. Similarly, you'll find Bontrager stuff on a Trek.

Going with a steel frame may allow for better components while staying within your budget. Since you seem happy with the steel and aren't racing, get the most for your money and continue to have fun.
Lemond steel is greatjimmyihatetoregister
Jun 2, 2003 8:14 AM
I just got a Zurich. Great bike. Reynolds 853 is almost as light at Ti so this new bike will be a lot lighter than your old one. Look at reviews of the Zurich on this site!
Jun 2, 2003 11:24 AM
I went from a Trek aluminium to a steel and have not regretted it.I have a similair riding style as you and I think the Lemond would probably be your best choice from those bikes.Good luck.
Consider a custom steel Landshark from gvhbikes...PdxMark
Jun 2, 2003 12:51 PM
The Lemond might be the perfect bike for you , or it might not. You can get an Ultegra equipped custom Landshark for $2k. If the fit of the Lemond is at all off for you, check out
Consider a custom steel Landshark from gvhbikes...BaadDawg
Jun 2, 2003 3:35 PM
I went from a 30 year old steel bike to a Giant TCR1 Composite full carbon fibre. I could not be happier. Road feel is incredible, bumps are soaked up much much more than on my old bike and acceleration and climbing are in another dimension I didn't know existed. I too had set a high end price limit and exceeded it by about 25% but I am very happy that I did. If it fits you and if you can find one the TCR1 Composite is the best value full carbon fibre bike on the market. I am about your size too.