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Michelin Axial Pro Replacement?(8 posts)

Michelin Axial Pro Replacement?Scummer
May 30, 2003 8:34 AM
I've been riding Axial Pros for a couple of years and find them to be a great tire. Unfortunately, I can't find them available any longer. What Michelin tire might replace them?
what about axial pro race? nmelviento
May 30, 2003 9:03 AM
Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige...Lon Norder
May 30, 2003 9:14 AM
Performance has them on sale periodically:

They ride alot like the Axial Pros, but are cheaper and don't seem to collect as much glass.
Ditto to the Hi-Lite Prestige...GFocker
May 30, 2003 1:14 PM
I easily get over 2,000 miles with minimal flats. They can be had for as little as $18.00 at Performance.
Axial Pro Race, Axial Carbontarwheel
May 30, 2003 9:18 AM
The Axial Pro Race is Michelin's replacement for the Axial Pro. The Michi Axial Carbon is another good choice. It's a little heavier than the Pro Race but supposed to be more durable and flat resistent. The Michi Hi-Lite Prestige wear and handle about the same as Axial Pros, but are only available with red sidewalls as far as I can tell. They're cheap, though -- usually about $20 at You can get great prices on Pro Race ($28.75) and Axial Carbon ($23) tires at critusa. Send an email to I have no connection to critusa, but have heard good feedback about them and their prices are great.
re: Michelin Axial Pro Replacement?MikeC
May 30, 2003 9:23 AM
Ok, it's not what you asked, but...
I used Axial Pros when there was the occasional major price advantage over my preferred tire, the Vittoria Open Corsa CX TT. But now you can get the Open Corsa for $34.98 online at Supergo. Added bonus: I find that they mount easier than Axial Pros.
re: Michelin Axial Pro Replacement?LLSmith
May 30, 2003 9:53 AM
I switched to the pro race when they stopped making the axial pro. So far they have been great tires.The only difference I can see is the axial pro was darker(black vs grey) and they seemed to feel softer or more pliable.
re: Michelin Axial Pro Replacement?rodey
May 30, 2003 11:30 AM
...I may be able to save you a trip to Performance bike...if you live near one. I was there yesterday ( 5/29/2003 ) and was going to pick up the Pro Axial for 19.99...but that special is only thru the catalog...

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