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Grand Tour question...(not a spoiler)(5 posts)

Grand Tour question...(not a spoiler)BikeViking
May 29, 2003 7:16 AM
What happens to all of the trash/bottles that the cyclists throw to the side of the road? My wife asked me about it last night and my guess was that the bottles/musette bags were grabbed as souvenirs and the trash was picked up by the locals.

What REALLY happens? I just gotsta know!!

May 29, 2003 7:28 AM
Kids scrabble for them like candy at a parade.

Funny comments were made on Eurosport last week when guys were tossing their helmets at the base of mtn. finishes. The commentator metioned that they may start to see crouds at the base of climbs rather than at the top. All waiting to get their hands on a free helmet.
some just disappearmohair_chair
May 29, 2003 7:49 AM
A lot of bottles just go missing and will probably never be found. I see riders throw bottles over cliffs on mountain stages, and into forests and bushes. Often there's no one around to dig those out.

Read Frankie Andreu's Tour diaries sometime. One story he told was when they were riding into the feed zone, he and Hincapie were playing a game, trying to toss bottles into a basket or something. George's went high and went crashing through the back window of the team car!

Another time, fans were asking the riders to toss them bottles, and someone obliged. Problem was, the bottle was still full, and they were going pretty fast, so it hit the guy in the chest and practically knocked him over.

Fun with bottles. Sometimes I wish I could throw mine during rides.
re: Grand Tour question...(not a spoiler)Bruno S
May 29, 2003 10:08 AM
I am sure many end up as litter. Spectators will pick them but sometimes there is no one around. The GT organizers should do something about it. Throwing them in the cities is OK when people will pick them up but in the mountains riders shouldn't toss them far away from the road as sometimes they do.
re: Schwag......giftsteoteoteo
May 29, 2003 8:48 PM
In the TdF it is a bit of a game as the ASO issues each team Red Coca-Cola Bottles with the Teams name one them. People try pretty hard to collect these though there are ways other than on the side of the road. Last year I scored USPS, Lampre, and Kelme. All through Soigneurs etc....the best was the Kelme as I was singing while putting bikes on the roof of our van--they liked my tunes and tossed a bottle my way.

Since I speak a little Spanish we exchanged pleasantries and they nicknamed me the singing cowboy when they found out I was from Texas. Some of the bottles in the general circulation have no team name and are no different than the ones you buy online or at the shops.

Anyway mine were all clean new ones so I gave them to friends, since they can't be bought with team names on them the guys at my shop love' em, it's a unique gift.