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Rules for pro races(3 posts)

Rules for pro racesoldschool
May 29, 2003 5:39 AM
Where can I find a FAQ for the rules behind races like the Giro and Tour? I've been cycling for about 15 years, but many of the points-rules are less than obvious for a non-racer. For example, why are sprinter points awarded to the front-runners of the peloton minutes after a multi-man breakaway has passed through? It seems the sprinter points should go to the first few riders that pass a given point (to me anyway). And what is an 'intergiro'? Bob/Phil/Paul mention it about 20 times a night, but I have yet to hear an explanation.
can you read Italian?mohair_chair
May 29, 2003 6:24 AM
The official Giro site is There is an English translation. If you click on "Rules" you'll get the official rule book, all in Italian.

As for handing out points, I don't know what the rule is, but there are probably points for the first N riders, where N is 5 or 10 or whatever. So a three-man breakaway takes the first three, and there are still two or seven slots left for the peloton when it comes through.
re: Rules for pro racesvindicator
May 29, 2003 7:18 AM
I asked the same question awhile back. Please note there were some errors in my original post, so read all the responses:

vindicator "More questions about various Giro jerseys and competitions" 5/16/03 12:27pm