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where to ride around Daytona, Fl???(2 posts)

where to ride around Daytona, Fl???hycobob
May 28, 2003 5:54 PM
After I get home to Houston from Moab, I'm going to Daytona for a week and want to do some road riding. Where are any decent rides...midweek club or just good roads? I hate trying to come up with a route when I don't know the area at all. But with MapPoint and Terraserver almost anythings possible. Gimme a little help will ya?
re: where to ride around Daytona, Fl???russw19
May 29, 2003 12:39 AM
There is a really nice loop in the Daytona area that comes out at just over 25 miles. It is the Beach St./John Anderson Parkway loop. The ride is actually in Ormond Bch. which is just north of Daytona, and the ride goes north towards Palm Coast and Flagler Beach. Those two roads run north-south parallel to each other on either side of the Intercoastal. Beach Street, contrary to the name is on the inland side of the Intercoastal. You go up Beach St. and follow it when it becomes Old Dixie Highway. Take that all the way to Walter Boardman Ln. Which is right about at the Volusia/Flagler County lines... take Walter Boardman across the Intercoastal to John Anderson which runs south on the Ocean side of the Intercoastal back to Ormond. Depending on where you parked you may have to cross the Granada Bridge, which is the only "hill" in the area. But you will pass Ron Rice's House... he's the guy who started Hawaiian Tropic. mmmm bikini models....mmmmmm.

Anyways, that's the most scenic ride in the area. There is a group that used to meet at Ron's Carpet (on Beach St. right at the start of the loop I just described...) on tuesday and thursdays, and there is a group that used to meet at the old post office on saturday and sundays on Granada Blvd. (on the inland side of the bridge)

Try looking up (phone book or the web) the Daytona Cycling Club... and ask them for a ride schedule. If you check some of the local shops, you may be able to find Rob Kish and ride with him. He lives in Port Orange and right about now will be training for the RAAM. So if you want to put in a century or more on a saturday or sunday, hook up with him. He used to do rides on weekends from Port Orange (just south of Daytona) to Jacksonville and back. I did one with him once when I lived in Palm Coast... he rides a really nice steady 18 mph... for 6 to 10 hours straight.

Anyways, if you want to print maps.. try mapquest.. just type in Beach St., Ormond Beach, Florida. Look for where it intersects with SR 40 or Granada Blvd. and follow it north till you can see a road turning right off it... that's Walter Boardman... that twists and turns and ends up at John Anderson... from there it's a straight shot back to Granada. Easy, nice, scenic loop.

Have fun,