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bontrager hubs?(2 posts)

bontrager hubs?rrjc5488
May 28, 2003 11:31 AM
I just bought a used (10 miles) pair of bontrager x lite carbons... i put the cassette on, and when I spin it backwards, it does spin as much as my other hubs (race lite's) could it be because i have a dura ace cassette on the carbons and an ultegra on my race lites resulting in less inertia to keep it spinning? Does anyone have any experience with the X lite hubs, anyone have a simliar problem? Should I get them overhauled at the LBS to see if anything is in the hubs? thanks
re: bontrager hubs?AllUpHill
May 28, 2003 1:31 PM
Do you mean it doesn't spin as long as the other hubs?

I have the non-carbon race x-lites, and no, the hubs don't spin terribly freely. Even after over a year to break them in. I believe the bearings just have really tight seals, which I consider a mark of good quality. As long as the spin feels smooth, not necessarily frictionless, but no grit, binding and bumps during rotation, they're probably fine.

A cassette is so small in radius compared to a rim and tires, it will have almost no contribution to the rotational inertia.

Speaking of hub spin time, the recent Zipp hubs are obscenely frictionless. My front 404 tubular (very light rim), with a very light tire mounted, turns for 4.5 minutes after I give it a spin by hand!