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Dealing with GVH Bikes?(14 posts)

Dealing with GVH Bikes?bill2016
May 28, 2003 4:49 AM
Hi Guys, I'm considering buying a bike from GVH Bikes. By the looks of things, they seem to offer really good prices. Does anyone here have any experience of dealing with GVH? Would you recommend them? Thanks.
highly recommended. do a search here for 'gvh' (nm)JS Haiku Shop
May 28, 2003 5:20 AM
Ditto. Great service (nm)Dave Hickey
May 28, 2003 5:25 AM
Worked for me and I've recommended him to friends.dzrider
May 28, 2003 5:23 AM
I found Gary to be plain spoken and honest. The transaction for a Lyonsport went smoothly. When I couldn't get the saddle far enough back for my knees to clear my elbows he swapped the original seatpost for one of similar quality with some set back without hesitation or complaint. When I described what I wanted the bike to do, he recommended one that has worked out perfectly for my needs.
didn't work for me.terry b
May 28, 2003 5:30 AM
but I think you'll find I'm the only one who has ever had a problem with GVH. just my luck I guess.
me eitherishmael
May 28, 2003 2:38 PM
for one, he could've killed me with the tires that were put on the bike. way too loose, flated within 10min by busting out the sides. Luckily it wasnt on that first super fast downhill turn.
No ProblemsPatM
May 28, 2003 5:37 AM
I have bought a full bike KHS Aero comp and a frame CAAD 3 no problems with either transaction.
re: Dealing with GVH Bikes?Frank121
May 28, 2003 6:01 AM
I bought three complete bikes from Gary and had him build two more up for me...great results! I have also recommended many folks to him and they have all been very pleased.
re: Dealing with GVH Bikes?humbert
May 28, 2003 6:20 AM
I just had my first experience with Gary and I can recommend GVH without hesitation. I bought a frame and had Gary build it up with Chorus and the tricky to install Ergobrain computer. The bike arrived without a problem and the install was excellent, including the cadence sensor and associated wires. Gary was helpful and honest on follow up questions and offered to refund the cost of a missing seat collar( lost in shipping - it fell through the carry handle on the box ).
re: Dealing with GVH Bikes?Sadlebred
May 28, 2003 7:08 AM
I bought a Casati from GVH over four years ago and had a great experience. If I weren't in the market for a custom frame next time, I would not hesitate to buy from him again.
2 thumbs upLeroy
May 28, 2003 6:57 AM
I bought a frame from gvh last year. They're the best. Highly recommend.
re: Dealing with GVH Bikes?habeas
May 28, 2003 7:44 AM
I bought a Viner Competition with Veloce last fall. Dealing with Gary was easy and pleasant and I would highly recommend him.
He built up a CAAD5 for mefracisco
May 28, 2003 7:51 AM
The bike showed up well protected and ready to ride with a couple of adjustments. The transaction was easy: a phone call, a follow-up email, and I sent a bank check.

My only difficulty is that GVH ships FedEx ground, and their customer service/depot locations is nowhere near what UPS offers in my area.
Good Guy53T
May 28, 2003 8:11 AM
I bought a build kit. It was perfect, and the best price around.