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Paging Akirasho...How is the new Klein???(2 posts)

Paging Akirasho...How is the new Klein???Ride-Fly
May 27, 2003 12:44 PM
Hey Aki, I know you have a few (wink, wink) bikes with the latest being the Klein Q-Pro Team fameset. Have you had much time on it yet?? How does it compare to some of your other bikes like the C-dale you just built up?? The C-dale is not an Optimo frame is it?? Too bad for that cause it would be great to hear opinions of how these 2 frames compare from someone who owns both. Oh well, at least you can still compare and contrast the Klein with the older version CAAD 5. Thanks and Ride ON!!!
re: Paging Akirasho...How is the new Klein???Akirasho
May 28, 2003 2:23 PM
... I've not spent as much time on it (or any bike for that matter) to give any longterm feedback (suffering from chronic DVTs... and have a difficult time stuffin' my foot into an otherwise roomy Sidi).

... but, short term use is positive, with a light and responsive feel... a more compliant ride than my older CAAD3/R2.8 (haven't put enough miles on the CAAD5... and the frame is fundamentally different anyway). Currently using HED Alps wheelset with Conti GP3000 rubber... will be goint to Ksyrium SSC SL in about a month or so.

Will try to give a better report when more miles are logged.

Be the bike.