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Memorial Day Weekend Ride Report (with pics)(4 posts)

Memorial Day Weekend Ride Report (with pics)noveread
May 27, 2003 9:19 AM
Memorial Day Weekend - 5/25/2003

My original plan for today was to try and ride a century, but a few things conspired against me: 1) Travis asked to if I wanted to go for a ride (no way would I have the strength to ride 100 miles with Travis!); 2) It was quite windy, and I don't get along well with wind (no power!); and, 3) I'm at the end of a 4-week cycle and my body really needs a rest!

So Travis and I meet and ride over to Oregon. We're going to retrace a route he did on a Wednesday night ride a few weeks ago. Once we find our way out of Oregon, we're onto the country roads.

The route had some really nice roads.

It's a beautiful day for riding, sunny, temp in the mid 60s. It'a a little breezy for me though as I just lack the strength to really power into 'em.

Here's the obligatory Travis picture. This is the typical view I have of Travis when I ride with him. Must be getting pretty warm here in Southern Wisconsin as Travis only has shorts and a short-sleeve jersey on!

The first part of the ride was pretty flat. We rolled past farm after farm with very little in the way of traffic. Even the two doves in the middle of the road do not appear concerned about traffic. Cars? What are cars?

The route really was nice. It had a bit of everything, flats, some good hills and very nice scenery. I'd never been on these roads, generally riding a south route that is just a bit to the east. And this was only Travis's second time on this route. So. there was some map consultation that had to be performed!

But alas, the fine, generally flat roads were bound to come to an end. Travis had warned me that there were a few hills on a couple of the sections. True enough, hills there were. Here's the view as we approach the first significant hill. Ugh, this is gonna hurt.

Travis was pretty kind to me today. I can't really keep up with him. So when we would head up these hills I'd just go at my own pace knowing that I had a long ride still ahead with most of it being directly into the wind. However, on one really nice pitch I saw Travis stop to check out some of the local flora so I went on to the top of the hill to get some nice pictures of the landscape. This also allowed me to get a couple of nice "action" shots of Travis coming up the hill.

And getting closer.

The top of this hill did afford a great panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. It was a beautiful day for taking pictures. Everything had really turned green over the last few weeks, the sky was a bright blue with very little humidity. Great stuff.

Right at the top of the hill was a set of mailboxes including those little boxes for newspapers that have the flat tops. Perfect opportunity to get a picture with a nice backdrop.

There were a few more hills, and they were really sapping what little strength I had. All I could do was remember that what goes up, also goes back down.
...the restnoveread
May 27, 2003 9:20 AM
There were a few more hills, and they were really sapping what little strength I had. All I could do was remember that what goes up, also goes back down.

Once again, as we neared the end of the ride, Travis was left to pretty much drag me into the wind. After a couple of miles on one of our closing sections of road, straight into the 15mph wind, I had to tell Travis to slow down as I was not going to be able to hold his wheel! Ugh. I felt like the windmill in this next photo, dead to the wind.

Eventually I struggled home. It was a good ride and a great route. But I was so tired. It was a 66 mile ride for me, shorter than I had planned, but there is no way my body was up for anything more. Time for a few days of rest!

That's it!

re: Memorial Day Weekend Ride Report (with pics)Rubberbandman
May 27, 2003 12:27 PM
Thanks for the photos. I enjoy seeing where other cyclist ride. That area offers some great scenery and nice rollers. The only negative is the roughness of the road.

Nice ride, great pics! Thanks for sharing. (nm)jtferraro
May 28, 2003 8:04 AM