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Leg Weights(6 posts)

Leg Weightslexington476
May 27, 2003 8:03 AM
Anyone every use leg weights while training? Do they do any good for building speed, strength and/or endurance?
no (nm)ColnagoFE
May 27, 2003 8:58 AM
Weights might be dangerousLC
May 27, 2003 9:40 AM
Just ride up a hill in a big gear if you want to get strong.
re: Leg Weightsrussw19
May 27, 2003 3:20 PM
You won't benefit. It is like walking with 2 pound dumbbells. It's not going to make a difference. If you want the leg muscles to be stronger you need to ride them until they are fatigued and then recover properly. Ride longer, ride faster, ride harder, but don't ride heavier, it won't help you.

Ride up hills, ride intervals, do sprint work... but putting on ankle weights and riding will only lead to the weights getting in the way and messing up your pedalling form.

Yes and noSprint-Nick
May 27, 2003 4:02 PM
This is a very complex question so I will answer it in parts.

Here goes:
Yes, I use leg weights in my training. But I am trying to work my way up the ladder as a track sprinter so I need a huge ammount of leg strength.
No, they do not build speed. Certain forms of weight lifting can increase quickness but they are very advanced.
Yes, absolutely they can increase strength which can help your riding.
No, they will never improve your endurance... possibly the size of gear you can ride but never endurance.

I've made some contradictions so what do I mean? Basically if your going to do a weight program, 1) enlist a qualified personal trainer to teach you the excercises to avoid any injury and maximize your time. Its a few $40 investments for a long term thing. 2) if you decide to do weights only do them in the winter.

There are a couple good articles on if you search through it. Most say you don't need weight training if you do a lot of hill climbing, sprints, etc. which is true. That way you build endurance and strength instead of just solely strength but in the winter if riding is impossible doing weights can be a nice way to offset your indoor riding.

re: Leg WeightsSoter
May 27, 2003 6:08 PM
If you're going to use weights while training I suggest one of two things...

1) Get a pair of strength shoes (You can find them here) and head out to your local track and start running. They do wonders for lactic acid limit workouts

2) Get a pair of Strength shorts (You can find them here) and you may be able to use them on your cycle. If not its back to the track.

You may be able to use ankle weights but I think those are more designed for walkers and may hurt your cycling form, which could lead to injury.