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Liberty to Liberty Triathlon(1 post)

Liberty to Liberty Triathlononespeed
May 27, 2003 6:53 AM
I know it was a triathlon but the biking element still allows me to post it here.

It was a tough one. 1 mile swim from Battery Park to the North Cove of the World Financial Center. Water was a tepid 51 degrees, and I didnt have a wetsuit. I was blue and shivering after I got out of the water in a horrible 55 minutes. But that was swimming against the current and without the benefit of the bouyancy and warmth of a wetsuit. After about 45 minutes my brain started to get all cloudy from the cold that started seeping into my bones. It took a while to warmup after the swim.

The bike was not too bad. I decided to do it on my onespeed. We took a ferry to some where in NJ and had an 11 mile untimed prologue and then staged for a 65 mile timed ride. I nailed the 65 miles in 3 hours 5 minutes. I was not upset with this time. I passed a lot of people on the bike portion and at one time I had a string of riders drafting off of me trying to hang on. The rain started in the last 20 miles of the ride, but once I was soaked it just added to the challenge.

The run was a nice 10k out-and-back course. I came in on the bike and was out on the run in 3-4 minutes. The transition was not timed but I still could not understand why people were hanging out before they started the run. I nailed the run in 48 minutes and was happy with that. It was a good race.

There was a woman that started laughing at my bike as they were handing them off of the ferry to us. She said to her friends "Look at that bike" and started laughing at me when I grabbed it from the dockworker. I just wanted to tell her to shove it but knew that I would see her on the course. I passed her early on in the timed bike portion and just casually said hello as I moved past her on her left. As I was coming in on the run she was just finishing the bike and she packed up her gear and didnt even run to finish.