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Pedal Squeak on Eggbeater(2 posts)

Pedal Squeak on EggbeaterFez
May 27, 2003 6:38 AM
Eggbeater pedal is only a few months old and it now squeaks as you spin the pedal around. It is NOT a spring or cleat issue - the pedal squeaks as you spin it around with your hand.

Do I have to rebuild the bearings? The pedals were perfect but started squeaking after 2 rides on slightly wet roads this weekend.

BTW, I had Times for 10+ years, never serviced the innards, and they still don't make a sound.
the vicissitudes of the inboard bushing...BergMann
May 27, 2003 8:29 AM
I serviced my first set of Eggbeaters (I have them on all my bikes) after a full season of use last year, and to be perfectly honest, they didn't need it -- there was no grease contamination and everything was still good and tight.

That said, Eggbeaters are based on the infamous "inboard bushing" design, which is nice and light but causes the bushing to grind directly on the pedal axle instead of using an inboard ball bearing assembly that would wear first and foremost internally, so proper lubrication is essential to prolonging the life of the pedal.

If you do a lot of riding in the rain and muck, it's possible that you are going to have to take the pedal apart every couple months and regrease the inboard axle/bushing interface (don't bother with the micro-ball-bearing on the outboard side of the pedal, it's sealed and will still be going strong long after you've worn out all the other moving parts).

I used to have Ritchey pedals on all my bikes and, particularly on the MTB, I got so sick of taking the pedals apart to regrease them, that I cleaned out all the grease and started to just spray Triflow under the lip-seal before every ride. This will probably be trickier on the Eggbeaters because they use a snug 0-ring seal that is buried out of sight a couple mm into the pedal body.

BTW, definitely take the things apart and double check to make sure everything inside is all right and that your grease pack doesn't have water contamination. If it does, double check the O-rings and make sure they aren't damaged.

If squeaking persists after re-lubing, warranty the suckers.