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Anyone riding on A.Classic CR420 wheels.(5 posts)

Anyone riding on A.Classic CR420 wheels.ol
May 26, 2003 9:54 PM
Just wandering on the quality and reliability of this particular wheelset. If anyone is riding on them I would love to hear some feedback.
re: Anyone riding on A.Classic CR420 wheels.russw19
May 27, 2003 5:39 AM
I ride them and I love them. I have a set that was built 20 front/24 rear bladed spokes. Super strong and stiff.. just like I wanted them to be. They are very smooth and some of the best feeling wheels I have ever riden. I have had no problems with them either.

Some people have had problems with the rear hubs. I think it is a problem with the interface of the cassette and and the hub body shell, but since I never had that problem, I don't know for sure. But the good thing is that American Classic's customer service is very good and if you have problems, they will fix it. I just think it is bad to buy a $700 wheel and have to send it back 3 weeks later, so I can understand why people who had problems were so irate.

I can't speak for anyone else on the board, but I love my 420's. The build I had them do on mine is about as strong as they build them and they are still over 80 grams lighter than a pair of Ksyriums. They rock!

May 27, 2003 7:12 AM
Ditto, everything Russ said, and additionally, I ride at about 200lbs, and no problem with such a light wheelset tolerating the tonnage...very, very strong.
Well . . .bill
May 27, 2003 7:21 AM
On the maiden voyage of my 420's, the rear hub crapped out on me. Just friggin crapped out. The pawls stopped engaging. 11 miles from home.
AC rebuilt the wheel (I don't know whether they rebuilt the hub or just replaced it), and I have maybe 100 or so miles on them since getting them back with no problems. I still don't have enough confidence in them to race them. Maybe after a couple of (hundred) more miles.
Although they didn't tell me the frequency of this problem, something about the way it was handled made me think that the problem is not all that unheard of. The customer service guy said, "They either go right away or not at all." When I asked him exactly how often this has occurred, he said that he'd heard of it "once or twice." I didn't believe him, and I'm not sure that he expected me to.
Other than that, they are smooth and very light. If they hold up, they'll be great.
No luck 420salansutton
May 27, 2003 8:09 AM
Some of you have had good luck- I haven't.
The rear hub is giving me problems. First, the freewheel started to slip. Then the freewheel would lock up like a fixed gear. I almost destroyed a Record rear derailuer when that happened. Now, I have NO confidence in these wheels. I sent them back a couple weeks ago and haven' heard from AC.