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Bike travel case recommendation(7 posts)

Bike travel case recommendationBikewithadam
May 26, 2003 1:55 PM
Here's one for all you globetrotters out there--

I'm going to be spending 6-10 months in Europe over the next year or so and would like to bring my road bike. Any recommendations on good (airline-worthy) cases? I've seen the Bike Pro USA race cases and they look like the top of the line, but I'm not sure if a "soft" case like this is impact-resistant enough for airline use. Any other good cases out there? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!

There are a couple!the bull
May 26, 2003 4:23 PM
The Trico Iron case is best for $$$ Should be a little under $300. The Pedal pack is the best I have seen they go for under $500. The Tri all sports case has wheels and is about $380.This is the one I would go with.But it is up to you.
I'll second that... Trico Iron is the best IMHOTiny Tank
May 26, 2003 5:22 PM
I have one and it has been all over North America with me in the pass two years, it's been over 15 flights and still intact.

I'll Third Thatwookieontherun
May 26, 2003 5:29 PM
My trico is in tip top shape- its been fedex'd, ups'd, flown about 5 times, and thrown in the back of too many cars for its own good :-)


PS- It's nice to finally have a case I can put stickers on :-)
My 2 cents - using a cardboard bike boxSprint-Nick
May 26, 2003 9:30 PM
Hey Adam,

If *I* were going to buy a case, honestly I'd get the Bike Pro. Theres a couple reasons for this:
1) It is padded and unzips making it more impact resistant and easier to open and close then a Trico.
2) Its easier to get into a backseat of a car/taxi as opposed to a Trico.
3) Just easier to carry IMHO.

But honestly my advice is to not bother buying a case. I have travelled a fair bit and always used a cardboard bike box and never had very much bad luck. The worst thing that happened to me was on a trip to Sydney which had 3 seperate flights it began to rain along the way softening up the cardboard and the handles began to rip a bit... nothing major but when I travelled again just to be safe I went to the bike shop and got a new box.

Here are my instructions for packing:
1) Take the front wheel, pedals and seatpost off.
2) Undo either the handlebar or stem and turn it parallel to the fork wrapping something where it touches the frame.
3) Put the frame with back wheel attached into the box.
4) Find a place for the front wheel (most likely around the front), put the wheel in and place a piece of carboard between the frame and wheel. If necessary take the skewer off.
5) Put padding where something might rub but its most likely not necessary.
6) Wrap the pedals and seatpost in a plastic bag(s) and place it somewhere probably around the back wheel where it won't rattle.
7)Tape 'er up. Both length and width wise.

If your careful about how you pack your bike should be fine. If theres a scratch don't worry the first is always the worst. :) I normally get a Kona Stinky Delux downhill bike box now, some big chunks of cardboard and take off both wheels and put both bikes in. Its a bit of a squeze but hey it works!

May 27, 2003 4:45 AM
airlines sell boxes ~10$ in airports makes traveling a hole lot easier no need to store the case
Pedal Packpeter in NVA
May 27, 2003 2:45 PM
I've posted this some time ago. Incredible as it seems, I have two large crushed areas in the case and a sheared off
clamp from the airlines! They seem to drop the big cases. The bikes were fine, but I'd hate to use a soft case.

The case is nearly impossible to get into a compact car.

I've used cardboard boxes for shipping UPS, one bent fork sticking out on deliverly and another time one rear axle sticking out. I know many people have good luck with cardboard but I wouldn't do it.