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Rather Odd Collision w/Motorcycle!?!?....(1 post)

Rather Odd Collision w/Motorcycle!?!?....serbski
May 25, 2003 3:00 PM
Seeing as people post their latest accidents on this board I thought I would share a strange accident that I had this a.m. I was 11-miles into one of my local L.A. rides along Mulholland Hwy. when I stopped at a red light which tends to not change if there is just a bicycle waiting so I am always glad when a car/motorcycle is behind me as they trigger the sensor (or whatever it is) that causes the traffic signal to go green. Well, I heard a motorcyle pull up to stop behind me as I waited at the red light and, maybe one minute later, the light turns green and I begin ride into the intersection. Just as I'm clicking into my pedals/pulling forward I notice what sounds and feels like something rubbing up against my rear wheel (as if you'd cranked the resistance on a trainer) and I blurt out "What the f**k...?" and quickly accelerate so that I am not brought down by whatever is going on behind me. Before I can even finish my expletive I hear the sound of a motorcycle hitting the deck. I get through the intersection and pull over and when I look I am astounded to see that the motorcyclist who'd been behind me had indeed run up onto my rear wheel, lost his balance, and then dumped the bike on its side (with said motorcyclist under it!). I felt a combination of anger (he almost took me down on a busy canyon intersection) and pity (he'd broken his side mirror and ruptured his fuel line) as well as helplessness as there was little I could do to help him right his bike in my LOOK cleats! A park ranger saw the whole thing and from the window of his truck asked me "Does he need assistance?" to which I responded "Don't you think you should ask HIM?", meanwhile a motorist had helped the guy get himself and his bike out of the road. Long story short: the motorcyclist was OK and I went on my way kind of baffled by the whole event. To be honest, I was a bit P.O.'ed at the guy after the fact but his day was over whereas I was able to carry on with my ride, almost forgetting about the whole thing until I was home. I can't believe that I actually brought down a motorcycle. How did the guy manage to actually do what he did is beyond me...