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Felt racing bikes(10 posts)

Felt racing bikesrkalik
May 25, 2003 12:25 PM
Does anyone have an opinion on Felt Bikes? I was looking at the F65 series, but I can't find any reviews on their line. thanks.
Look pretty good to me.MB1
May 25, 2003 2:43 PM
As I understand it, Jim Felt used to make the "in-house" testing frames for Easton before he started his own fairly hi-end frame shop. In the last couple of years he joined forces with Bill Duerhing (formerly the very highly regarded product development manager for GT bicycles) to offer complete bikes.

Together they seem to be developing a really nice line of value packed high quality bikes. I think for the money it would be hard to find a much better bike.
Likewise, Dan Empfield and otherssn69
May 25, 2003 4:45 PM
have frequently lauded Jim recently with regards to his ability to select tubesets from Easton that do all the right things. Not being an aluminum fan, I'm doubtful, but when guys like Emp, Cobb and Demerly throw praises with ease, there's a good likelihood that the man--Jim--knows what he's doing. Also, Emp has repeatedly mentioned Jim's continued liason with Easton.

Having only looked in LBSs but never ridden, all I can say is that they are nice looking bikes with well-thought-out comp packages at reasonable price points.

Let us know if you get some test rides.
Likewise, Dan Empfield and othersrkalik
May 25, 2003 7:03 PM
Great info, thanks. I test drove a Felt F65 today. ( Amazingly tight and blazing fast ride. Nice saddle, very compact feel overall.

I thought this bike closely matched the Cannondale R600 in ride, and easily surpassed the Klein q-carbon series and a trek 1200 or 2200 (which felt rockier). The F65's components are solid, and the bike weighs in at a paultry 20 pounds (considering the price point)!

I don't love the look of these bikes though, paint choices are dull compared to Trek, Cannondale, Klein etc....

btw, what does "LBS's" refer to?
Local Bike Shopssn69
May 26, 2003 9:14 AM
I actually agree about Jim's paint choices. Frankly, I prefer bikes with a more subtle approach. His older line of tri bikes, made with the financial backing of Manitou, had a shot-peeded, stealthy black look that was elegantly understated.

Glad you enjoyed the ride!
i have a f50r . .bm
May 25, 2003 10:29 PM
i've got a 50r 2003 model. ultegra + great frame for only $1500. high quality frames (like felts) with ultegra's usually start around $18-$1900. if your looking for something like 105 . . . i believe the f65 is only around $900-$1000. in addition to Felt frames being recognized as quality, most of the frames are the same . . . meaning the 50r, 65r, etc differ in only their component groups, wheels, bars, etc. but the frames are the same.

purchased last august and still love it. think the ride is very comfortable. what more can i say . . . do a search on roadbikereview under discussions and you'll find other comments about the Felts. if you'd like to hear more opinion from me, just ask.

(i do like their new line of bikes which include campy setups and carbon integration . . . check those out)
i have a f50r . .rkalik
May 26, 2003 6:21 AM
Great info...Sounds as if the Felt is a quality ride. Can you make a comparison to a Cannondale R600?

If I buy the Felt, I will stick with the F65 bike. The 105 componentry is fine for me. It comes with a carbon fork and the price point rocks at $950. (hate the yellow color, though...)

I could not find any info on roadbike review regarding Felt, (there is no listing of Felt under products!) so that's why I opened this discussion. I'll take your advice and search for other user comments.

Do you think a Felt bike will hold its value over time?
comparing the cannondale r600 like you askedbm
May 26, 2003 6:52 PM
looked up the r600 on . . . seems a tiagra setup and mini-head shock. is that right?

anyhow, i do like cannondales. in fact, just got a great deal on a '99 caad3 and i'm gonna build it up. they are great frames too. when i was looking around for a bike, helen's cycles in LA told me they were known to be comfortable rides. i did hear that elsewhere, so i believe that common opinion. cannondale does have a strong history and name in the bike business, so i do trust their technology.

however, i do like the Felt prices. you get great framing and components for low prices. once felt becomes more widely distributed, prices may go up. i believe the prices are low because they are just now introducing various styles. just so you know, felt makes very popular TT/triathlon bikes. most everyone in triathlon knows about them.

as far as value . . . hmm . . . not too sure, but i think once felt sells more bikes and becomes more popular the demand might be a little higher. other than in triathlons, i don't think they are used by any pro roadies. i could be wrong. for instance, with comparable giant bikes - i don't think they offer anything more except for more aero technology. their bikes are around $1500 for 105 and $1900 for ultegra. but Team Once rides them, and that contributes to its popularity.

(i admit i don't know the most about frames. i do read a lot of reviews and articles so i base my views on my short racing experience and other opinions)

by the way, if you plan on riding competitively, i'd stay away from tiagra. start with 105. (faster shifting, durable quality, etc) with felt, that'd only cost around $900 like you said.
re: Felt racing bikesharry hall
May 26, 2003 10:16 AM
I assembled a couple of dozen for a team last year; they were F-45's and up. They were well made and finished, but the ride is very harsh and they have super-long top tubes; longer than Trek, Lemond, Bianchi, etc. I'd look at any of those brands first.
re: Felt racing bikesrkalik
May 26, 2003 12:02 PM
you know, i tried the Trek series, both a 2200 and the lower end 1200. I was not impressed with the overall quality of the ride. Compared with the Felt and a Cannondale R600 or a Klein Q-carbon, the Trek rode sloppy.

I'm not looking for a hard, rough ride either, but I do want a fast, precision bike. I am impressed with both the Felt and the Cannon, the Klein was the softest ride, but the bike did not accelerate like the other two.