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What swap/upgrade should I get on a new Merlin/Ultegra set?(2 posts)

What swap/upgrade should I get on a new Merlin/Ultegra set?Philharmonic
May 24, 2003 3:30 PM
I'm about to get a MerlinXL/Ultegra setup. I need help deciding on pedals (Look) , wheels, seat etc. vs. what is offered in the standard package. What changes or additions would be most beneficial? Need a quick education
Biggest bang for the buckLone Gunman
May 24, 2003 3:54 PM
Wheels. You got a rock solid frame and component group. I would suggest a Mavic Cosmic Elite or Cosmos, or Velomax Circuit, or the old standby, Ultegra or DA with Open Pro or Velocity rims.

Middle of the price range Look pedals, last years model to save a few dollars. Really, nothing earth shattering has happened with Look pedals in a while. The pair I began riding with 10 years ago (still ride them) pretty much function as the pair I bought last year. Weight difference of a few grams, some have a quick adjustment which to me is a gimmick.

Saddles, your on your own here. Whatever your backside feels fits.