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Please help me ! Numb feet(6 posts)

Please help me ! Numb feetgrammy
May 24, 2003 6:07 AM
I just began road biking a year and a half ago. Started out with the Trek 1000 and discovered I loved this sport. Thanks to my sweet husband I now have an Aegis Swift AND a Litespeed Ultimate! On each of these bikes, my feet become numb after 15 or 20 miles. What are some things I can try to alleviate this? Are there certain pedals and shoe combos that would help, or does it mostly depend upon the proper fit of the bike? Thanks for you help!
re: Please help me ! Numb feetAlexx
May 24, 2003 8:42 AM
Firstly, Look and Time cleats give you larger footprints, thereby giving you less 'hotspot' problems than SPD or Speedplay cleats do.
As far as the shoe is concerned, this is what works for me: I use 3-strap shoes, and I always leave the middle strap fairly loose, and the top strap moderately loose. This way, I'm not cutting off the circulation to my foot. That got rid of nearly all my numbness problems.
I still own an old pair of Axo single-stap shoes, and those are awful for long rides. If the strap is loose enough for comfort, they slip off. Tight enough to hold, they cut my circulation off. I use them only for commuting, and only with 2 pairs of thick socks.
re: Please help me ! Numb feetjromack
May 24, 2003 11:57 AM
Move your cleats back, start with about 1/4".

Don't strap your shoes so tight, your feet sweel as you ride.

You might need wider shoes, but go to thinner socks and insoles before you go this route.
Try the search function; I did and it helpedmahoneyjoe
May 24, 2003 4:32 PM
you'll find alot of threads on this issue as I did; been having alot of problems since december when i bought a new pair of sidi's; after about a month i replaced the insoles with some thick Dr. Scholl's and pretty much forgot about having done this and nothing but alot of discomfort and numbness since; replaced them just recently with insoles from some old shimano shoes, and voila, numbness all pretty much gone.
I also have issues with a lazy/weaker left leg or foot; if you do a search, threads will pop up on this too. good luck.
OrthoticsHigh Gear
May 24, 2003 5:58 PM
I had a pair made years ago by Bill Peterson. Recently I changed shoes and couldn't fit them and my feet into the shoes. I noticed right away the discomfort I had without them. Excel Sports sells something similar, peterson power-bed. This is a cycling specific insert. The best way would be to find a person near you that makes orthotics for cyclists. You may have something going on with your feet that can be helped. Numbness is not a good thing.
re: Please help me ! Numb feetbianchi boy
May 25, 2003 2:01 PM
What kind of pedals are you using? Pedals with smaller cleats, like SPD styles, can sometimes cause more foot discomfort.

The only time I've had problem with numbness in my feet while cycling was after I bought some new shoes that were too tight. I exchanged them for some Sidis, which are very adjustable, and problem went away.