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Does someone actually moderate this site?(2 posts)

Does someone actually moderate this site?My Dog Wally
May 23, 2003 3:07 PM
I've wanted to post a review of a new bike I bought. The review would be in a category that doesn't currently exist for the brand of bike I bought. So, I followed the procedures for requesting a new category (in fact, I did it twice in the last two weeks), but they still haven't update the reviews section to allow me to post the review.

So, my question is, how often does someone go through and post new categories to the reviews section?
The discussion area is well-moderated by Doug Sloan ...Humma Hah
May 23, 2003 3:16 PM
... but he serves mostly to be sure we keep a civil tongue in our heads when posting in the discussion areas. His responsibilities do not involve site administration. Its not a paid position, he is simply a frequent poster, one of the originals, who's gentle nature and even temperment has always kept this board one of the most civilized you'll find.

Gregg is the site administrator, who would know about the operation of the review categories.