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My Tuesday night ride stats...(6 posts)

My Tuesday night ride stats...jtferraro
May 23, 2003 11:55 AM
This past Tuesday I went for a ride on my own and was able to push it a bit more (been going w/the girlfriend lately, too). Fortunately, I'm more comfortable w/my computer now, so figured I'd post some stats. I was originally planning on following Joe Friel's and/or Lance's/Carmichael's books, that I received as Christmas gifts, but that got postponed b/c of my knee surgery/recovery. Maybe it's time to start reading those books, and doing my first group rides, as some of these stats, such as max heart rate and others, surprised me. I'm not sure if I'm in decent shape or out of shape w/my max hr figure (below). I know the general guideline, or starting point, is to go by 220-age. I also know that many of you talk about that not being a guidline at all. Anyway, using 220-age, my max hr would be 188, as I'm 32 years old.

I've been a little leary about trying out a group ride b/c I'm a tad worried about falling and messing up my left knee, further (regressing). How common are crashes in a typical LBS' group ride? Is it most often caused by catching somebody else's wheel/somebody catching your wheel?

Side note: this ride had no major climbs but plenty of rolling hills, etc. (Connecticut)

Here are my stats:

- 31.4 mile ride
- 1.33:18 ride time
- 1.35:20 total time (only stopped at a few traffic lights)
- 20.2 average speed
- 36.7 top speed
- 1 hr, 23 mins spent above target zone (excess of 159 bpm) at average of 169 bpm
- 12 min, 36 seconds spent in target zone, at average of 152 bpm
- 0 time spent below target zone (below 122 bpm)
- average hr = 167 bpm
- max hr = 202 bpm
- ave cadence rpm = 77
- max cadence rpm = 112

I'm really starting to love this computer...and...the ROAD!! =)

Please provide your .02 cents re: anything and everything -hr, cadence, etc. I'm doing too much mashing and not enough spinning, right?

Thanks gang,

Your Next Tues Night Ridewink
May 23, 2003 12:42 PM
I would be curious to see how different the stats were if you did the same ride in the smaller chain ring. For the past month I have been riding in the small ring 90% of the time and have found that my average speed has actually increased. Sounds like you are hitting your groove!
re: My Tuesday night ride stats...godot
May 23, 2003 1:19 PM
Sounds like you are doing well. Just remember to not become a slave to the computer, turn it off on occasion and just ride.

If you are coming off surgery I'd be sure and get a bunch of base miles in before starting any serious training program. Let your knee get used to riding. Doesn't hurt to start reading though.

Group rides are a blast, definitely start going on some. Accidents are not all that common. The accidents I've seen have been due to wheel overlap, or something in the road not being pointed out.

Groups vary widely on the danger factor. I've been riding with a group from work at lunch for the past 4 years. There's only been one wreck (of the something in the road variety). I also went on a few rides with an evening group around town, 4 wrecks in 5 weeks, so I stopped going.

Not trying to scare you, if you try some group rides and aren't comfortable with the riders, find a different group. If you can find a smaller group to start with it's a bit easier.

I found that if you let people know that you are new to group rides and are open to advice, criticism and help they are generally very helpful.

Have fun....
What was the point of this workout? Until you ask yourself thisbill
May 23, 2003 1:56 PM
question, no one, especially you, can evaluate what you have accomplished.
Obviously, your max HR calculated on the 220 less your age method is very, very wrong, or, unless it's an interference blip, you wouldn't show a HR higher than your theoretical max. So it becomes doubly hard to evaluate what you've been up to.
What are your goals?
Remember this little gem (courtesy of Doug Sloan): you are what you train to be. If you keep doing, as it appears you were doing, a tempo ride, then over time your avg speed probably will creep up over time, but you'll never develop the power to keep up with a group surge or do a hill sprint or whatever. Not that you necessarily have to want to do that stuff, but targeted training is necessary to overstress your system and get the acclimation of muscular development that is the hallmark of training.
So, being able to maintain a 20 avg over that terrain (where in CT? my bro-in-law is in Farmington/Unionville; great riding up there) is pretty impressive, but you may be squandering talent you didn't even know you had by just "junk" training (going sort of hard sort of a lot to get sort of tired sort of all the time). Targeted training is about going hard up the hill when you need to train for hills, going hard on the sprints when you need to train for sprints, etc., while going real easy (really, really, can't believe you're doing anything good for yourself easy) the rest of the time.
Oh, and, btw, almost all injuries on a group ride are self-inflicted, unless you're in a squirelly group. Just watch out for yourself, keep a safe distance until you're comfortable, and you'll be fine.
Thanks, are right - I'm sort of familiar w/junk milesjtferraro
May 23, 2003 8:03 PM
and, I believe, that's all that was. I guess my goal on that ride was to push myself a bit and see how far/fast I can go. I had no training goal and haven't developed a plan yet. I think I'll start reading Friel's book now, though. In other words, this ride told me that maybe it's time to start training - instead of just "junk" miles - that my body/knee can take it. I appreciate your feedback. BTW...I live right in the area of where your bro-in-law lives! There are some nice roads in this area and I have yet to make it over to the Unionville area. My ride Tuesday night did go through part of Farmington, though! Do you ever make it out this way?

there are no junk miles unless you racebianchi boy
May 24, 2003 6:27 PM
I wouldn't worry about the "junk" miles unless you plan to race. If you're just trying to keep in shape or ride for fun, don't worry about it. Also, if your knee is still recovering from injury, I would concentrate on getting plenty of base miles in before pushing it hard. And cover your knees with warmers, knickers or tights if the temps are below 65. BTW, I would consider a 20+ average speed on a solo ride excellent. Group rides shouldn't be a greater injury risk unless you ride with a risky group. I've ridden with the same group for 2 years and we haven't had anybody hurt on any of our rides because we make safety a high priority. Another group that I occasionally ride with has crashes all the time, which is one reason why I seldom ride with them.