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Campy bent rear rim - 8spd need advice(5 posts)

Campy bent rear rim - 8spd need advicecapecodsteve
May 22, 2003 9:21 AM
Finally bent the rear rim on my 7 year old GT Edge with Campy Veloce stuff on it. Any advice would be great!
I guess my options are to-
1. re-lace a new rim on it - would like the rear to match the front but Omicron rims are no longer available
2. upgrade from 8 speed to 9 speed - can't afford it right now
3. buy a new 9 spd wheel and an adapter - too expensive
4. find a used wheel....watching ebay...anybody have any other sources they'd suggest??
5. ??
re: Campy bent rear rim - 8spd need advicejohnmyster
May 22, 2003 9:39 AM
I, in the same situation several years ago, had to have the rear hub relaced onto a new, open pro rim. It wasn't before I taco'd the front a few months later, and then afforded me the oportunity to acquire a semi-matched set. Watch ebay, and talk to the bike shops. As more and more 8-speed shifter sets break, people are converting to 10-speed or shimano goodies. That should leave some wheels around, should your local shops know of anybody who has done the conversion as of late. I had a second set of wheels, campy scirrocco 8-speed ("aero") that I just sold recently. Otherwise, I could probably help you out on that.
re: Campy bent rear rim - 8spd need advicejohnmyster
May 22, 2003 9:49 AM

Practically your only other option is this. Shimano 9 speed hubs are 8 speed compatible. Pick up a used set of shimano wheels for cheap, along with a shimano 8 speed hyperglide cogset. Then, get on e-bay, or from your shop, a kit of spacers that will re-space the shimano 8 cogs to the campy spacing. This is quite common, and will allow you to get a set of wheels that you can use later, should you end up shimano on your next bike (like me.)
re: Campy bent rear rim - 8spd need adviceeddie m
May 22, 2003 9:54 AM
Your 8s cassette will work perfectly with a 9s or 10s Campy hub. Eventually, you will need to upgrade to 9 or 10s anyway as Campy no longer supports 8 speed. A Shimano wheel is another good choice. Mismatched wheels win style points around here.
re: Campy bent rear rim - 8spd need advicejohnmyster
May 22, 2003 12:19 PM
That said, I think those are your options. It takes about $110 or so to get an open pro built into a hub by a shop. You could, invest that money into a new wheel(set) or used set, for about the same. The choice between getting an affordable campy 9/10 set (that you can put your cassette on) or a shimano 8/9 set (along with shimano 8-speed cassette and spacing kit) most likely depends on if you think your next bike will have shimano or campy gear. Sometimes it hurts to be newish to the sport and not have a spare parts pile. I know I had my fare of woes when using campy 8 over the past year (wishbone shifters, if any of you remember those, as well as finding wheels at times.)

Another option is to invest in a wheel truing stand and a book on building wheels. Buy the rim and or spokes mail order (cheap, nashbar?) or from your shop, and use this as an opportunity to become self sufficient in that putting new hoops around that trusty hub game. Sorry, no real cheap way to get you back on the road, unless the used parts bin of ebay helps you with a nice deal. I had only had my bike 3 months when I did the same thing, and it took $120 to get out of it, but atleast I had an open pro to show for it (I had omicrons too!)