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Little ring: I'm Ok...big ring: I'm dying here!(4 posts)

Little ring: I'm Ok...big ring: I'm dying here!eschelon
May 22, 2003 7:12 AM
I've been training differently this year compared to last few years...I've been instructed to use my small ring for training purposes and the big ring for seems to work out great...I usually end up spinning around 100-105 rmps when doing normal base building rides. Like yesterday doing my normal fast Wednesday night group ride, I was using my small ring and running 11-21 big deal...but when the speed ended up being faster than 25 mph, my small ring in the lower gears wasn't doing it because I end up having to sustain 110+rpm to maintain speed with the group...the heart is beating too fast to I jump to my big ring and to maintain the faster speed, I use the appropriate gear to maintain the 100rpm rate...but here's the kicker: my legs start burning and hurting like crazy...I don't understand, I can handle the harder gears in the lower ring, but I'm dieing in the big ring.

So I simply grit my teeth and suffer in the big ring for a few a while and then it didn't seem so bad...I guess my body forgot how to deal with the pain of riding in the big ring...what do you think? Does this happen to you guys?
re: Little ring: I'm Ok...big ring: I'm dying here!divve
May 22, 2003 7:35 AM
You have to train both cadence and strength. Then combine the both. What you got now is speed but no punch:(
re: I'm dying here!Fredrico
May 22, 2003 8:00 AM
That's right. Keep doing what you're doing. Strength will come at 100 rpm better than at 60 rpm. At 100 rpm you can use your heart and lungs. Keeping cadence high is the only way to survive in a fast paceline, at least for old fogeys like me. Saves the knees. In the big ring, just "stay on top of the gear," and your legs will eventually come around.
Very familiar!sctri
May 22, 2003 1:01 PM
Been there man, I know exactly what you mean.
The only thing that sometimes helps that is if I make the jump to the big ring on a descent and then keep my speed up comming out the bottom, and that way dont fry myself trying to get my cadence up, it just stays high.
(that sort of makes sense..)