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2003 Giant TCR Comp - New or used.(5 posts)

2003 Giant TCR Comp - New or used.toronto-rider
May 22, 2003 6:33 AM
I am in the process of buying a new or used 2003 TCR comp and need some help deciding,

What is the price for a new frame/fork in the US. If someone could give me MSRP price and price that a dealer may sell for after discounts.

I have an opportunity to buy a slightly used frame, the guy says it has only a couple of hundred km on it. What % of the new price should I pay for the frame.

I am 5"11 and per the Giant catalogue I am right on the border between a medium and large frame. Would it be better to go with the large frame and have less height difference between the seat and stem.

The guy says he has cut 2cm of the steerer tube from the fork, he is just over 6 feet, the frame is a large, how do I know if the fork will be the right height for me i.e. I might need more steerer length.


Canadian MSRP is $2150KellyCross
May 22, 2003 7:19 PM
think i also saw that classified for that frame & didn't think it was such a hot deal, also depending on leg/upper body propotions med or lrg fits, i'm 5'11 w/ long legs a med is the perfect fit for me.
i think you're a mediumFrith
May 23, 2003 7:22 AM
I ride a large. I'm almost 6'1" with an 87cm inseam. I have a 110mm stem flipped for max rise and could even go to a 100.
I bought my TCR1 for $3000 in Toronto...unfortunately I can't tell you where. I promised them.
Dornella's has a couple a large tcr0 and a med tcr1, Chain reaction did...probably still does. Cycle solutions has a medium TCR1.
i think you're a mediumtoronto-rider
May 23, 2003 10:11 AM
Thanks Frith for the response, I have a 85cm inseam, I guess I have to go and test ride both. I know you won't tell me where you got your great deal, but what would you think you could have got just the framest for? Why I ask is because I am debating getting the frame in the US because of our "strong" CDN $ and saving on the tax? Did you pay $3000 with or without tax. ($2608 before tax)
couple answersFrith
May 24, 2003 7:04 PM
same company that sold me the bike quoted me 2000CAD for the frame. The complete bike worked out to be the better deal in this case....these prices don't include tax. Back in October (American company) quoted me 1400USD for the frame + fork... might have changed since then.