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Any experience with TA Specialities chainrings?(6 posts)

Any experience with TA Specialities chainrings?BergMann
May 21, 2003 7:03 PM
Anyone ever use the TA Specialities chainrings sold at ?

Do the "Alize" matched ring sets work at least as well as Shimano Ultegra?
the best...philippec
May 21, 2003 11:49 PM
they are much nicer than ultegra and work better as well


Philippe carries them as well, at better prices if I recall correctly.
excellent choicewielerpret
May 22, 2003 1:04 AM
These chainrings are smooth, very pretty, elegant and lightweight. They come in various colors, wear slightly faster but are very affordable. Hghly recommended.
Cheers. Luke. Amsterdam.
equivalent of Campy Record ringsDougSloan
May 22, 2003 6:29 AM
They really dress up a Shimano crankset, as the regular rings are so dull. They are polished very well.

I had some problems with Peter White, though. Twice I ordered from him and he just ignored the orders -- I never received anything.

equivalent of Campy Record ringssaltytri
May 23, 2003 10:22 AM
I have a black Hegoa 51-38 set on a DA crank. Works just fine and looks really sharp. The shifting is indistinguishable from DA 53-39 on my other bike. Both with DA derailleurs.

Also, I got an Alize triple 48-38-26 from Peter but it's not yet in use so I can't report. Sure looks nice, though.

What I can say is that I've phoned to orders to Peter twice and promptly received exactly what I ordered. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
re: Any experience with TA Specialities chainrings?sistinas
May 22, 2003 6:59 AM
These are awesome. I'll agree with what everyone's said here. I ordered mine from (they have cross-specific sizes, so it may or may not be what you're looking for) and the service was really fast and efficient.