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Paging African...(3 posts)

Paging African...sn69
May 21, 2003 12:00 PM
Quick question for you, mate. Where the devil do you ride safely in ST Pete? I lived there in the mid-80s (attended Boca Ciego High School and lived on TI), and I cannot think of any safe places where the old fogies in their Caddies or the metal-necks in their pickups or street rods don't pose a significant threat. What areas do you ride in/around?

re: Paging African...african
May 21, 2003 12:51 PM
Scott, there is a ton of riding here. I actually work just up the road from Boca HS. I can hear the band playing some days. There is a trail that runs for over 60 miles here (Pinellas trail) it has bridges over busy roads, and sometime you have to stop to cross the road. But at the North shore pool downtown is where all the action is. There are group rides almost every day in the morning and on Tues, Thurs evening. On Saturday there is a huge group ride with the St Pete bike club, all various groups that go north or south 20 - 30 mile loops. Most of the rides here follow that loop south and the faster rides go out to Fort De Soto park. Then on Sunday there is a ride from the St Pete libary that goes about 50 miles up to Clearwater beach (fast ride). There are other rides and groups that ride from other areas north of St Pete.

Then there is the St Pete Mad Dogs, the biggest triathlon club, they have lots of swimming, running and riding that they do together.

Riding here is not to bad, just darn hot right now. Cheers.
re: Paging African...sn69
May 21, 2003 1:36 PM
Yeah, I know the SP Mad Dogs well. They usually have the best aid station on the back side of the lake at Great Floridian.

When I lived there, biking wasn't what it is today, and I often rode my old clunker Scwinn around and around on TI. Well...that and I drank lots cheap beer that I got my buddy's older sister to buy for us at the Circle K down the block from the school. Bogie.....