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Look PP396 Look Road Pedals Versus Look A3.1 Road Pedals(3 posts)

Look PP396 Look Road Pedals Versus Look A3.1 Road Pedalsdariow
May 20, 2003 8:31 PM
Now that I have my new Trek 5200, I need to buy road pedals. I saw at an online store that the Look PP396 pedals are on sale for 100 dollars. The site claims that the retail price of these pedals is 200 dollars.

The Look A3.1 road pedals are also 100 dollars.

What exactly is the difference between these pedals? Which of these pedals do you recommend?

I have large feet (13 5E) and would like a simple and quick release.

I am new to this cycling madness and would like your advice Please email me or post your opinion here.

As always, thanks so much for your help.

Go with the 396Dave Hickey
May 21, 2003 3:47 AM
If they're both the same price, go with the 396. The 396 has adjustable float. Float is the amount your foot can turn before it becomes un-clicked. The 396 can be adjusted to 3,6,or 9 degree of float. The 3.1 is a newer model but doesn't have adjustable float. The 5.1 is adjustable.
Go with the 396BaadDawg
May 21, 2003 6:05 AM
The srping release tension is higher on the 396 11-18 vs 8-12 for the 3.1.

I was a bit worried when I bought my 396 that the 11 minimum setting would be too tight to release easily in traffic.

This has not proven to be the case. I have tightened up my primary release foot tighter than the minimum with no problems. My non primary release pedal is even tighter still.

I have been happy with the 396 except for the squeak or creak which started within 3 weeks. Something like Pedro's Ice Wax has stopped the creak so far. I first put it on the pedal with no improvement, then on the cleat and it went away. Will require re-waxing the cleat every so often I assume.