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paging c40 and js haiku...(5 posts)

paging c40 and js haiku...Frith
May 20, 2003 12:08 PM
c40 cause you're the fit master and haiku because you own the bike in question. That being the surly cross check. I'm looking at a used one that is a 58.
I'm currently riding a giant TCR composite (compact geo) so unfortunately all I have to compare to the orange is an apple.
Here's the Giant specs
size Large
58.5 cm eff TT
73deg STA
74deg HTA
Right now it has 3cm of spacers and a 110 stock stem flipped for max rise (sorry don't know the angle but maybe could find it with a bit of digging)...All of this adds up to bars only about 3.5 cm below the seat, and a pretty comfy fit. I could probably go 5 or 10mm shorter on the stem but not necessary.
Here are the stats for the surly...
ST 58cm
TT 58cm
TT eff 58cm
STA 72.5
HTA 72
My stats
87cm inseam.
So how does this puzzle work? Will the 58cm surly fit? unfortunately I won't have a chance to ride one before pulling the trigger.
The only other frame of reference I have is that during some test rides I felt most comfortable on bikes that were listed as 58.
thanks in advance.
re: paging c40 and js haiku...JS Haiku Shop
May 20, 2003 12:32 PM
those numbers (when i start reading angles i get all mono-syllabic and googly-eyed) aren't helping me any. i'll probably sleep a bit better tonight after struggling with all that calculation (thanks). i'd guess based on your own homework that you're in the ballpark, and you can dial-in minor fit discrepancies with stem length and seatpost/saddle.

my merckx is 57 c-c and the cross-check is supposedly 56 c-t, but they both fit just fine. i know the merckx geometry is way different, but (i think) merckx does not disclose HTA. i'm guessing the 57 HTA is 74, and the STA is 72.43, with a 56.8+ cm tt. not sure if or how those #s will work. my head hurts now, thank you very much.

the cross-check is setup with an 11 cm ritchey pro stem with 8* rise, flipped, with 2 cm of spacers under it (and one on top, just in case). i have about 4" of seatpost showing, maybe less. that's with a brooks b17n saddle, which sits comparatively high on its rails.

(don't let the nasty bar tape and samsonite luggage on the back discourage you. they're Agent 99 disguises.)

from where are you purchasing the frame? as a kit?
re: paging c40 and js haiku...Frith
May 20, 2003 4:11 PM
Ha we'll leave the tough numbers for c40 then ;-)
The one I found is used on eebbaayy (for the search engines) but shh don't tell anyone, don't need the extra competition :)...
It's baby poo green just like yours so I imagine it would be the same year. how long did they use that colour?
It's ultegra with race face cranks (double chainrings), da bb, and xt rear mech.
I have a feeling it was originally bought with the ultegra triple package from excel in which case it won't be too hard to convert it back into a triple.
Ever use a rack with yours? I know they recently started building them with rack braze-ons. What are my options if i want a rack? get mounts brazed on by a builder can't be that expensive...or clamps i guess. ?
they stopped making poop green last yearJS Haiku Shop
May 21, 2003 5:00 AM
or year before last, and last year you could only get a few green ones, as the rest were red (now red or black, i think). before green, they were another color, i think blue. but, that was a long time ago, i don't know how long. maybe a couple years. i'm usually more coherent, but i just read C40's response.

the pic included above shows a bagman sport rack, which attaches to the saddle rails, and a carradice junior bag. this model does not have rack mounts, but does have fender braze-ons front & rear. some (most?) racks will attach to the rear fender braze-ons and fasten to the seat stays with included bracket mounts. i have one that does this, but it was bought from Target, weighs several pounds, and is affixed to my western flyer cruiser (with a name license plate, btw).

excel, i think, included full ultegra with canti brakes in the package, and the original package for c/c was a double. i had them change to a triple, xt r.der, and 11-32.

will scope ebay this AM to see if i can find your prey.

good luck on the auction!

the analysis...C-40
May 21, 2003 4:50 AM
The Surly's effective TT length is about 1.4cm shorter than the Giant due to the .5 degree STA difference and the 2 degree difference in HTA. I don't normally consider the HTA in the equation, but you don't often see a 2 degree difference in HTA. The HTA difference could add as much as 3-4mm to the 6mm from the STA.