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Any Orange County riders out there?(4 posts)

Any Orange County riders out there?ridenaz
May 20, 2003 11:43 AM
I moved to the Irvine/Newport Beach area a couple of weeks ago and I'm looking for some good groups to go out and ride with. So far I've found OC Rebel Riders and the OC Wheelmen. The rebels look pretty good and I think I'm going to try going out with them this weekend. I'm not race-worthy yet, but I'm in decent shape. Can anyone suggest any groups/clubs and what the best rides around here are?
Thanks guys
re: Any Orange County riders out there?Gleep
May 20, 2003 12:18 PM
I'm new to the Road scene here in OC too. I'm still building up a fitness base before venturing out on group rides, but I've looked around for local groups as well. You might want to check out Team Velosport. They're a local club in Mission Viejo with a race oriented slant from what I can tell.

I'm hoping to venture out on some group rides soon, I was going to try the Rebels first and see what that's like.
re: Any Orange County riders out there?fliparagon
May 20, 2003 12:32 PM
I've been road riding in the OC area for about four years and MTB'ing for eleven (Now live in the Irvine area off of Sand Canyon) and here's my take.

I've done a few weekend rides with the Rebel Riders. Great group of people, really "laid back" attitude. Just like their website states, they aren't a club but an attitude. No dues, no mandatory meetings. Their emphasis seems to be on the social aspects of cycling. My friends and I rode with their Gold group through Santiago Canyon. Pretty easy pace. Depending on your current fitness level, I wouldn't worry about "getting in shape" before riding with them. You may want to consider riding with the blue group to measure your fitness level. Just be prepared to spend time socializing and eating at the ride locations.

Since you're in the Irvine/Newport area, there's also the Bicycle Club of Irvine ( Along with the Wheelmen, they are one of the larger bike clubs in the the area. Traditional club with meetings, dues, etc. Not too sure if they have a race squad like the Wheelmen.

There are also numerous training rides in the area. Saturday mornings there's the Food Park ride (meets at the corner of Main/Harvard in Irvine 8:30am), Sunday mornings there's Como Street (Tustin Market place by Red Robbins, 7:45am "slow" or "old man's" group and 8:30am "fast" group) and Tues/Thursday mornings Coffee Crew (corner of University and Campus at 6:15am). Let me warn you that these rides are usually "race" pace and can get somewhat aggressive on the weekends. Como and Food park rides sometimes get as large as 100+ riders. Very challenging.

For more information, you can check this site out

And finally, there's my little riding group which ranges from eight guys to usually just me. We'd be more than happy to take on another rider. Buzz me an email if you ever want to ride.
Lotsa good stuffDMoore
May 20, 2003 12:23 PM
Check out It concentrates on racing, but also lists local training rides like Como St. Check with local bike shops like Santiago cycling, they should be able to hook you up with some good rides. OCW sponsors some good rides, like the upcoming Ride Around the Bear and the annual AmTrak century (to San Diego by bike, return on a train) in the late summer.