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Campy Daytona/Veloce vs. 105 or Ultregra(3 posts)

Campy Daytona/Veloce vs. 105 or UltregraSerac
May 20, 2003 10:25 AM
So, I am interested in building up a frameset from GVH bikes. I've got the frame narrowed down but I am not sure which group to go with. Looking at the reviews on this site leaves me with with notion that everyone thinks their set-up is the best (which it probably is for that individual). What I want to know is there anyone out there that has been able to compare Campy to Shimano in their midrange groups (Daytona/Veloce to 105/Ultegra)? If so, which would you pick if you were building up a new frame?


depends on the frame and its purposeJS Haiku Shop
May 20, 2003 10:59 AM
re: gvh, highly recommended. i'm on my 4th from him, and will go back to him if future purchases find what i need (want) in his inventory. my first suggestion to you would be to ask Gary your question, and walk through a few questions from him to determine what suits your needs.

i've owned and ridden 105, and have ridden daytona. i'm currently riding ultegra on one bike, and chorus 10 on another. so far, i'd support comparisons made on this board that ultegra and daytona (now centaur) are about equivalent in performance ("feel", shifting, braking, mostly), and chorus seems to be a level above ultegra. i've not ridden d/a or record, so afraid no help there.

the other differences are subjective--a preference for the action of shifting, (again) the feel of the levers and tactile interface with the overall kit, and your perception of which best "fits" the bike.

you didn't disclose what you're riding now or have ridden, but i'd suggest drawing upon your own knowledge/experience and your goals to come to the right decision. i went chorus 10 last summer for my new steel merckx, and was not disappointed. however, i'll be building the next frame up with ultegra.


Been on Daytona for two years...miposy
May 21, 2003 9:30 AM
...and it's good stuff. Two things, however:

1. EXCEPT FOR THE FRONT DERAILLEUR (sp?). If I were to do it again, I would go with a Chorus instead of a Daytona (now called Centuar), because it misshifts and drops the chain frequently. I thought it might have been adjusted wrong, but had it checked by my reliable mechanic and saw in the reviews that it wasn't just me.

2. The hubs are not very water resistant relative to most hubs I've used and owned since 1983. If you ride in the rain much, DO NOT get Daytona/Centuar hubs unless you are prepared to clean and lube them frequently. BTW, I don't know if Chorus and record are any better in terms of water resistance.