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Tube irregularities(2 posts)

Tube irregularitiesjrm
May 20, 2003 9:00 AM
In the past i never had a problem with tubes popping due to the plastic OE spoke bed liner that came on my OP's and ive had um for almost 2 years. Yesterday i get a flat. So i put a new tube in. Then last night i pump up my tires to 120psi (23c Michelin Axial Carbons) for this mornings commute. Then at about 2:30 this morning im waken by the pop and hiss of my tire going flat. When i woke i went and pulled the tube out to find that the tube was pinched by its expansion into the spoke bed on the inside of the rim. Seeing this i run a layer of electrical tape over the spoke bed liner hoping this will remedy the problem.

So why now? is it chance? karma nazis? can the ID of runs of tubes be different? or can some tubes pull in areas where others wont?


Not sure I understand the question, but the answer is Veloxcory
May 20, 2003 9:37 AM
If you're talking about the original plastic rim strips (the things that cover the spoke nipples), it's common for them to start to break up after a couple of years. You can replace them with a good rim tape (Velox is one brand) for about $3 a wheel and never think of them again.
Electrical tape probably won't last long--it's too thin. You CAN use that strapping tape with fiberglass strands in it, but might as well buy a rim strip.