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Trek 1500 or 2300?(3 posts)

Trek 1500 or 2300?mindgam3
May 20, 2003 5:44 AM
Was just wondering on your opinions of spending and extra £300 to buy a 2300 over a 1500 taking into consideration i'm a pretty tight budget. The 1500 is £1200 and the 2300 is £1500, as there is quite a lot of non english ppl on here and i dont think you have the exact same specced treks in your countries heres the specs here:

Main advantages i see are upgraded wheels and a lighter/stiffer frame for the 2300. In your opinions is this worth the extra £300?


re: Trek 1500 or 2300?innergel
May 20, 2003 6:08 AM
I would buy the best frame you can afford. With both bikes having an Ultegra groupo, it's a push there. All the other components can be upgraded later when you have some extra cash. That being said, it's always more expensive to upgrade individual components than to buy them up front, esp. wheels and forks. Depending on how much you ride, I'd go with the 2300 as it will be a bit crisper handling and probably a bit more durable in the long run.

Have you looked into buying last years model? They usually are available at a discount which will get you closer to the price of the 1500.

I ride a 2300 myself and it has been great. There are a lot of them on the roads and I've never heard a bad word about them from anyone else who has one. We don't have the 1500 here in the US.
May 20, 2003 6:31 AM
I also bought a 2300 a few months. The next model down here in the states is the 1200. The 1200 has a mix of Ultegra and 105, so with full Ultegra and better wheels, etc., I felt the upgrades on the 2300 outweighed the increase in price. When I found the 2300 for even less than retail, it sealed the deal.

Looks like the 1500 is closer the 2300 than the 1200. Looks like it has full Ultegra, and I don't really know if you'll be able to tell much differnce in the SL Aluminum of the 1500 vs the ZR9000 Alu of the 2300. They're both still aluminum. My Trek mtb is SL Aluminum and I can't tell alot of difference in terms of overall stiffness and feel.

However, I still think you are getting substantially better wheels and fork with the 2300 over the 1500. How much more you're willing to pay is of course up to you.

BTW - I am extremely happy with the 2300. The only thing I have changed out from the stock components was the stem, and that was only for some more length.